Are CVTs Bad? Why Mazda Avoids CVT Transmissions

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 26, 2019
  • Why Mazda Only Sells Manual and Automatic Transmissions
    Are CVTs bad transmissions? Why don't people like CVTs?
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    Mazda continually develops clever engineering solutions to their cars.
    What many companies might call old technology, Mazda finds a way to reinvent and improve in as many ways as possible. The Nissan Rogue, Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester, and Toyota Rav4 Hybrid all use CVT transmissions. If everyone in the segment is doing it, surely there's a reason, right? Mazda has their own plan, with uniquely developed automatic and manual transmissions for their lineup. This video will focus on Mazda's automatic transmission style, a 6 speed planetary box with a torque converter, but also some very clever implementations to improve efficiency and driver feel. Zoom zoom or whatever.

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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained  5 months ago +65

    My S2000 is for sale for anyone interested! No reserve, 20% to charity. Happy bidding!

  • bert killackey
    bert killackey  21 hours ago

    That Car is falling apart. Their some hose off when you show the engine.

  • Jonathan Memije
    Jonathan Memije  23 hours ago

    Ilove cvt👍😍

  • majorgeeek
    majorgeeek  yesterday

    LOL most people that buy an SUV with a CVT don't even know what a CVT is - be real

  • Johnny Volvox
    Johnny Volvox  2 days ago +1

    Mazda if freakin awesome. Very underrated vehicles

  • Bobo popovic
    Bobo popovic  2 days ago

    Mazda is the best

  • bora kokot
    bora kokot  3 days ago

    Thats true, i have mazda 2 g90 and you really don't need to change gears like in other cars, and it likes to be driven in low rpm and high rpm as well. Amd when you rev it and change gear you dont feel that lag, pause, that change it just goes zoomzoom. 😀
    My mazda fuel consumption for now is 5.4l/100km it's still a new car. I was driving Wv Polo too, oh man what a different experience. You have to change gears all the time, and downshifting all the time. Polo 1.6. 95hp 6.1l 100km diesel consumption is worse than of Mazda. So yeah.. And all these 1.0 3 cylinders turbo engines, they're consumpiton is no close to Mazdas. Hyundai i20 1.0 average mpg 35. And drive feel is way worse

  • Al Grayson
    Al Grayson  4 days ago

    The concept of the CVT is way superior to step geared transmissions. The problem is that they were released before the bugs were worked out.
    CVTs have been used for many years in golf cars, neighborhood vehicles, snowmobiles, and in the DAF cars made in the Netherlands.
    The biggest problem has been that with available technology they are too small for their applications, therefore too easily overloaded.
    The CVTs I have studied have torque converters with lockup clutch. The converters smooth start-off from a stop.

  • Prem Jay
    Prem Jay  5 days ago

    I test drove the cx5 and cx9. Both were super fun to drive. In fact, it felt like driving a car. But, after some deep thoughts, I decided not to buy because I am really not sure about the build of the car. They look very flimsy to me. Kind of a toy car. so I changed my mind.

  • MacTechG4
    MacTechG4  6 days ago

    Yes, CVTs are bad, but so are planetary geared sludgeboxes, and DCT/DSG

    Manuals only! Save the manuals!
    If I had to choose an automatic, the DSG would be the only acceptable choice, sludgeboxes waste power when they’re not in lockup mode, CVT is just utterly soulless and removes ALL fun from driving, their only party trick is fuel economy, plus they’re just plain unreliable, especially the JATCO crap.

    (Truth be told, my current daily IS a DSG, it’s an acceptable compromise, but it IS a compromise)

  • Edmund Chen
    Edmund Chen  6 days ago

    Cvt sucks ass

  • circle post
    circle post  7 days ago +2

    Subaru has the number 1 problem : CVT FAILURE .......look it up ....don’t buy it Mazda and Toyota , they rank 2nd & 3rd in reliability,after Lexus

  • Booboobear2388
    Booboobear2388  7 days ago

    People buy cars with CVTs because most buyers don't understand the difference between conventional gear-type automatic transmissions and CVTs. They see the word "automatic" with the transmission and are happy. They are then drawn by the other features, goodies and styling. How the car is advertised is also a big influence in their car buying decisions.

  • Chris Kelleher
    Chris Kelleher  7 days ago

    Ford Escape wants you to buy premium gas to run their turbo.

  • anthony pratt
    anthony pratt  7 days ago

    Bro you just waisted a bunch of hot air gases out your mouth that you could have recirculated back into your combustion chamber to cool down this topic. All you had to say for the people that don't know mechanical stuff about cars. Don't buy a car with a CVT transmission. Period.! Buy one with a manual or a regular transmission one that has gears. End of story

  • anthony pratt
    anthony pratt  7 days ago

    There's no explanation for a CVT transmission there freaking horrible piece of s-_-.! There's nothing efficient about a CVT don't even try and sugar coat it.!

  • Josh Podolsky
    Josh Podolsky  7 days ago

    When the Mazda reuses its exhaust gas in the cylinder to lower temperatures, would that kinda similar to a 2 stroke motor and its scavenging?

  • InfernoRico
    InfernoRico  7 days ago

    I hate CVT’s. Drove a rental with one and i hate the way it drove/shifted. Personal opinion

  • InfernoRico
    InfernoRico  7 days ago

    I hate CVT’s. Drove a rental with one and i hate the way it drove/shifted. Personal opinion

  • Samaan Alkhaldi
    Samaan Alkhaldi  7 days ago +1

    The car manufacturing companies insist on keep the CVT transmission because it's cheaper to manufacture and will make more profit for them, even though the CVT less reliable than direct shift AT. Thanks.