One in a Billion Moments

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 8, 2019
  • These are the things that will never happen again! Stuff like hitting a home run with no hands or getting a save in a 30-3 game! #MLB #Baseball #WesleyAPEX

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    Outro Song - Army of Me by Chimaira

    *** i do Not own any rights to the video clips used. All rights belong to the MLB. This is strictly a video made by a fan for fans! ***


  • WesleyAPEX
    WesleyAPEX  6 months ago +45

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  • James Tangman
    James Tangman  8 hours ago

    2:35 When you get the Handbrake audio settings completely wrong

  • Halibut 1
    Halibut 1  18 hours ago

    On the three-out play, if there was a force at 2nd, why wasn't there also a force at 3rd so they wouldn't have to get into the rundown with that base runner??

  • Mike
    Mike  2 days ago

    The most rare feat in baseball is the unassisted triple play. There have been more perfect games pitched than those.

    Also, the one in a billion player is Nolan Ryan. There will never be another like him in the game. No one threw as many pitches in a season, harder for longer. Consider nolan was clocked at 100.9 mph when it crossed home plate. Aroldis Chapman clocked 105.1 mph when it left his hand. Adjusting for the difference in distance, Ryan’s fastball left his hand at 108.5 mph making it the fastest documented pitch ever thrown in a major league game.

  • Dave Elmy
    Dave Elmy  3 days ago

    All right, so what was the end of this bullshit all about?

  • Kilian Garvey
    Kilian Garvey  3 days ago

    Birds aren't real

  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller  4 days ago

    All of these will happen again obviously

  • Alfred Anthony Battaglia

    One in a billion is Randy Johnson hitting the Seagull with a pitch

  • J am G
    J am G  5 days ago

    @3:59 second base wasn’t touched...

  • Zac Austin
    Zac Austin  5 days ago

    Cincinnati baby stand up!

  • Darkrise EQOA
    Darkrise EQOA  5 days ago

    How can someone get a save in a 30-3 blowout. It doesn't make sense

  • Umkayy YT
    Umkayy YT  6 days ago

    what am I doing here I watch hockey

  • smokinace007
    smokinace007  7 days ago

    How was Asdrubal Cabrera's unassisted triple play not on this list?

  • Justin Kornfeld
    Justin Kornfeld  7 days ago +8

    how do you get a save in a 30-3 game? I don't understand

  • memnok magee
    memnok magee  7 days ago

    doesn't matter still a fn boring sport

  • xzaz2
    xzaz2  7 days ago

    Such a boring game.. lol

  • Kurt Gembolis
    Kurt Gembolis  7 days ago

    3:07 gigantic rack woman in yellow

  • Kurt Gembolis
    Kurt Gembolis  7 days ago

    One in a billion moments please, or Umpires making good calls. lol

  • Metal Music Maniac
    Metal Music Maniac  7 days ago +2


    These days it would be called out of bounds I think before stealing 3rd base

  • jereme edwards
    jereme edwards  7 days ago

    Pirates runner should be out