The Untold Truth of Dubai's Abandoned Supercar Epidemic

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 28, 2018
  • Let's talk about WHY supercars litter the streets of Dubai and how you might be able to get your hands on one.

    Islands by Pyrosion
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  • Nigel Denning
    Nigel Denning  5 hours ago

    I live in Dubai, so know this is bullsh*t. The government here simply auctions cars off here. The market determines the value, and I've never seen a Ferrari or Lamborghini go for "pennies". For reference, US$1 = 3.8 Dhirams (AED):

  • Ripin Ripin
    Ripin Ripin  yesterday


  • nicklandovich
    nicklandovich  7 days ago

    Were there really 33 other BigKleibs ?

  • Giggitee O'Yeah
    Giggitee O'Yeah  7 days ago

    You're not quite informed. The reverse is the reality- that USA has ridiculously lax and weak bankruptcy laws- which is precisely what fuels every Depression and Recession. The gloobal Financial Crisis was caused by weak US laws on lending. The banks knew they were, quote, selling "bullshit" loans and NINJA (No Income, No Job Applicant) lending (creating debts) for those who would never repay them in interest rates rose and hedged their bets (hence hedge management) on these mortgage defaults. AFAIK, no other country has anything similar to a Chapter 11 bankruptcy either. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, bankruptcy and non repayment of loans is a very serious offence, no different o theft or larceny.

    Very few other country in the world have as lax laws of the US, those which do are those engaged in dubious if not outright illegal tax evasion, offshoring, Mossack Fonseca shifty sht.
    The term "credit" is misleading- from the banks own PR machine- it tricks people into thinking by getting "positive entry on their personal accounts.

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  • FUNNIE Boy
    FUNNIE Boy  14 days ago

    On my way with a pocketful of pennies😬

  • Julián Yepes Serna

    So, not that rich after all.

  • m. almas
    m. almas  14 days ago

    im from dubai and this is the first time hearing about this

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy  21 days ago

    Most of those cars they could of bought out right

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy  21 days ago

    Thats becuse most people there are rich snobs the young ones of had it all handed to them by there parents

  • At 666
    At 666  21 days ago

    OMG that is a Ferrari Enzo

  • Saad AL-Raiyes
    Saad AL-Raiyes  a months ago

    What the F**k is this white kid talking about and where the hell is he getting his information from, the moment he said sharya law I knew anything will follow is just bulshit

  • Rashaad Price
    Rashaad Price  a months ago

    The law is about financial accountability

  • choozu
    choozu  a months ago

    You have to be a special kind of dunce to think that the Sharia Law dictates you should be arrested because of your outstanding CAR PAYMENT! 🤦‍♂️

  • Nick Murray
    Nick Murray  a months ago

    I don’t thing u know what sharia (prob spelled wrong) law is.

  • Charles Bronson
    Charles Bronson  a months ago

    What you need to tell people is the maitenamce and registration for those things will make u homeless

  • Ann McGovern
    Ann McGovern  a months ago

    i thought it was a muslim country, why is there such a thing as loans

  • stang55 dude
    stang55 dude  a months ago

    They probably dont meet U.S. specifications.

  • Why Me
    Why Me  a months ago

    And you dems want shari law here in America to replace the CONSTITUTION you liberals are nuts. Don't say you don't democraps import more somalias and Muslims to America then any party every brought in any group.

  • Lil Geeked
    Lil Geeked  2 months ago

    They’re literally filming at a salvage auction,, all those cars are totaled , not completely but they are totaled

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera  2 months ago

    Great vid!