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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 13, 2019
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about grain bins.tweey me your thughts. http://bit.ly/GrainBins. Get started with 8 free meals – that’s $80 off your first month of HelloFresh. Go to https://bit.ly/2PGu55r and enter "smarter80"
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    Farmers are actual real life geniuses. They can feed themselves and fix anything. Serious respect.


    First of all, if you need to put together a grain bin, I recommend calling Danny. The man is a genius.
    His email is: dannylef2 at yah00 d0t c0m
    (I've typed his email address like that so webcrawlers won't detect it and spam him. If you're a farmer you're smart enough to figure that out.)

    Grain Packing Factors:


    Fan sizing for grain bin applications:

    How to handle a grain bin emergency:


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  • Mark Anthony Williams
    Mark Anthony Williams  5 months ago +14589

    Farmer sees title:

  • chad schulze
    chad schulze  3 hours ago

    I like the concept of starting to try to control the "glory beast"... glorify the working man who is the real hero and will always be...and working woman of course...that's the area where no gender roles shouldn't exist or can doesn't really matter and room for play.

  • Toxic Try hard tommy

    Glad to see a fellow ih

  • Peyton Besand
    Peyton Besand  11 hours ago

    This interested in grain bins? Check out the rest of the farming tech out there (combines specifically). There's a rabbit hole that you definitely want to go down!

  • Steve Louis
    Steve Louis  13 hours ago

    Lots of Round Up used on this farm. Not a weed in sight.

  • Fefnir Eindraer
    Fefnir Eindraer  14 hours ago

    Farmers are smart, but when everyone around you is just as smart, you dont think youre smart at all. I love farmers. Thank you for allowing the world we live in to be created.

  • James Gnutella
    James Gnutella  23 hours ago

    now why would anyone dislike this?

  • Tyler G
    Tyler G  yesterday

    Farming simulator players: hey I know some of these words

  • LazySkull
    LazySkull  yesterday +1

    this makes me want to be a farmer.

  • Bryson Michael RC

    you took on a thicker accent when interviewing the farmers... just saying. People with thick accents can completely tell when someone has an influent false accent. But farmers are way too polite to point it out lol. Ive been completely amazed by how easy it is for people to subconsciously mimic other more dominant characteristics in social circle. Mostly larger social structures but also in smaller settings like this... The human brain is fascinating!

  • Harry Schaefer
    Harry Schaefer  yesterday

    When I was a kid, I remember an episode of "Watch Mr. Wizard" with Don Herbert when he created an explosion in a can with a lid that had a small amount of flour in it plus a lit candle. When a puff of air was introduced through a tube into the can, a chain reaction of ignition caused an explosion. I thought of that when I saw the dust in the air in the bin. No open flames allowed right?

  • Ties Wellhüner

    B E A N S

  • Error! Frisk
    Error! Frisk  2 days ago

    I am from Alabama and I'm country here but though I don't live on a farm I know people who run farms and they are just what you crack them up to be. They are most definitely smarter then they pretend to be!

  • Mr. Meme
    Mr. Meme  2 days ago

    Grain bins are fun to play in.

  • absolutvalu
    absolutvalu  2 days ago

    Why don't farmers load the beans with moisture right before selling it? I suppose the buyers are watching out for that?

  • Wayne Roach
    Wayne Roach  2 days ago

    Not gonna lie my favorite part of this video is seeing your kids call you sir no one teaches their kids that anymore

  • Jotto999
    Jotto999  2 days ago

    All that complication farmers have to deal with, running a highly competitive business. Yet the stereotype is that you're an inbred idiot for being a farmer.

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M  2 days ago

    A marvel? It is probably the lowest IQ building there is. It takes more intelligence to put together a tiny shelf from ikea. The only aspect of it that has any "marvel" at all is that long ago someone had to design a building that the least educated, most inbred and mindless hillbillies and farmers would be able to put together while they weren't romancing their sheep. Everyone on that crew has the same thinking capacity as a regular 8yo. Someone had to design a building that those mental 8yos could build without blowing themselves up or accidentally building it on top of a house or with a bunch of trees inside of it. That was ingenious but even still many crews have trapped themselves by building it up around them but forgetting to leave a way out. They typically find a few sets of gnawed on bones with one survivor somehow looking plump. Other times farmers and other mental midgets mistakenly to build it upside down and they drown when it rains. It takes a lot of inbreeding to reach these levels of stupidity.

  • yangp2k
    yangp2k  2 days ago +1

    Is it me or does he start putting on a Southern accent when he's talking to the farmer and the dude that helped him out with the truck?

  • Pre-Packaged _
    Pre-Packaged _  2 days ago +4

    Smarter Every Day: Bridging the countries political divide with science.