Liverpool vs. Bayern Munich Champions League Round of 16 Leg 1 FULL Match Highlights: 0-0

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 19, 2019
  • Liverpool and Bayern Munich play to a 0-0 draw at Anfield in the first leg of their Round of 16 clash. Subscribe: on IG: us on Twitter: us on Facebook:


  • GnarbySZN🐍  5 months ago

    Serge Gnarby went from Arsenal reserves to West Brom bench to Bayern Munich starter and playing in knockout Champions League match vs Liverpool. God has a plan for everyone. 🙏🏽

  • Been Cxzy  5 months ago

    GnarbySZN🐍 and he's only 25

  • Rolando Maya  5 months ago

    GnarbySZN🐍 yeah he played really good

  • August  5 months ago

    I've never seen a team defuse pressure as well as Bayern did tonight, respect has to be paid to Kovac.

  • Big Dan  5 months ago

    GnarbySZN🐍 hummels played great as well

  • GnarbySZN🐍  5 months ago

    Alaba Kimmich and Javi Martinez were crucial for that clean sheet.

  • GnarbySZN🐍  5 months ago

    Pundits showed Bayern Munich no respect. Thought they were gonna get hammered. Bayern defended extremely well against one of the most potent attacks in Europe. Now they go to Munich where the match is open for them to take.

  • adeking 121  5 months ago

    Ivan Eacobar no not 3-1 but 2-1

  • wpscz  5 months ago

    If they get eliminated in Munich this game will be forgotten and media will say Bayern is underperforming

  • TJ McAvoy-Jensen  5 months ago

    It was an intense entertaining nil-nil. I thought Bayern were solid defensively and they played around Liverpool’s pressure quite well at times, Liverpool could have nicked a goal though with that Mane chance

  • Adam Shari  5 months ago

    respect to bayerns defense and all but Liverpool really did a great job at keeping up the pressure. Some slip ups did occur in bayerns favor but with van dijk playing next game I think Liverpool has a good chance at winning.

  • mytime991  5 months ago

    To me, both teams play with caution. Bayern were more defensive and were afraid of the Counter Attack and Liverpool were making sure their attempts were on point and didn't go full throttle. Bayern missed out on capitalizing against a Liverpool without Van Dijk.

  • fernando ordonez  5 months ago

    Bayern Munich will finish off Liverpool in Germany

  • JuiceBox  5 months ago

    Seems that way , But idk man this isnt the same Bayern of robben & Ribery couple years back

  • Leon  5 months ago

    “Liverpool are gonna destroy Bayern”

  • Chilzo Konkiz  2 months ago

    Little Biits in finals😂

  • Little Biits  5 months ago

    yeah all the liverpooo fans were saying "We are going to beat them 5-0 at home and 5-0 away" where are they now?

  • wizardowlgenius  5 months ago

    Liverpool is definitely the more threatening side.

  • Artemio Chinos  5 months ago

    If mane would be more effective on his finishes then we would be talking about a powerful liverpool who perhaps would already be crown champions of uefa league. He misses a lot on the premier league as well. If it wasn't for his speed then his level as a player would be much lower. Hopefully he can change. I would like to see him succeed. I can tell his hungry for glory but just have trouble consuming it.

  • Filmmaker  5 months ago

    Artemio Chinos for real I was getting so pissed off with Mane I was hoping Klopp would sub him for Shaqiri, but ya know......