Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Hamill and Guardians of the Nine-Nine Saved Andy Samberg's Show

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • Andy Samberg talks about playing Bonnaroo with The Lonely Island and how celebs like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Seth Meyers, Mark Hamill, Guillermo del Toro and Sean Astin rescued Brooklyn Nine-Nine from cancellation.

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    Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Hamill and Guardians of the Nine-Nine Saved Andy Samberg's Show



  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel  4 days ago

    Samberg is genuinely hilarious in real life!

  • sienna hicks
    sienna hicks  4 days ago

    I know he has a child, but thats ok he mine

  • elijah Davila
    elijah Davila  4 days ago

    In the first two episodes of S6 of B99, they've already bleeped out explicit language. I don't like that they can swear now. It added to the creative charm of the characters without having to be rude.

  • Alice P
    Alice P  6 days ago

    0:52 it was a puppet! jajajaja awww how cute is he?!

  • madi cook
    madi cook  6 days ago

    I love Peter and his heckler

  • Rev. Liam Clarke
    Rev. Liam Clarke  7 days ago

    Jimmys hosting isn’t bad, they just talk like old friends because they are old friends?
    Errrrrrybody hate too much.

  • Philly Moves
    Philly Moves  7 days ago

    popstar is a masterpiece.

  • Wanda Maximoff
    Wanda Maximoff  9 days ago


  • Hayhee
    Hayhee  9 days ago

    Jake Peralta grow your damn hair back looks like someone took a weed whacker to your fringe... you’re still cute though. Bring back the curls!

  • Sandy FPV
    Sandy FPV  10 days ago

    Give him an Afro and he would still look as young as he did in hotrod 10-11 years ago

  • volt0z
    volt0z  10 days ago

    very cool, because i don't see my life without Rosa Diaz

  • Andrea Stevens
    Andrea Stevens  10 days ago

    you know someone is a good comedian when they realize jokes don't hit

  • alex quimby
    alex quimby  10 days ago

    itS not his show its theirs :(

  • Manthan Parth
    Manthan Parth  10 days ago

    Crowd is dead

  • Elizabeth Ralston
    Elizabeth Ralston  11 days ago

    I’m a simple girl: I see Lin-Manuel Miranda or Andy Samberg (or John Mulaney tbh), I click

  • Ushna Yasir
    Ushna Yasir  11 days ago

    "Guardians of the 99" I LOVE ANDY SO FREAKING MUCH

  • Chizuruchibi
    Chizuruchibi  11 days ago

    Nine nine!!!

  • angel cortez
    angel cortez  11 days ago

    we’re staying the course
    maintaining the course
    remaining on the course
    if u know this then u a real 1

  • NAT
    NAT  11 days ago


  • Ashton Hanks
    Ashton Hanks  11 days ago

    “Who’s they?” “HUH?”