Saamy² - Trailer | Chiyaan Vikram, Keerthy Suresh | Hari | Devi Sri Prasad | Shibu Thameens

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 2, 2018
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  • Sathes Kannan
    Sathes Kannan  a years ago +217

    1. நான் தாய் வயித்துல பொறக்கல, பேய் வயித்துல பொறந்தேன்.
    2. நான் சாமி இல்ல பூதம்.
    Dialogue writers எங்கிருந்தாலும் மேடைக்கு வரவும் 🤨 🤦

  • vishal sai bollam
    vishal sai bollam  11 months ago +996

    Who are here after saamy telugu trailer.

  • Ganesh kumar
    Ganesh kumar  11 months ago +40

    Ivan director illa paithiyam😂😂

  • Rajesh Raj
    Rajesh Raj  11 months ago +57

    மோரை பீர் ஆகிட்டான் இப்ப தாய பேயாகிட்டான் அய்யோ சாமி போதுண்ட ஹரி ஒரு நல்ல நடிகனை யூஸ் பண்ண தெரியலையே உங்களுக்கு

  • Dhanu niteesh S
    Dhanu niteesh S  11 months ago +226

    Tamil trailer for Telugu
    Telugu trailer for Tamil ..

  • Shakthi Rajappa
    Shakthi Rajappa  a years ago +183

    This is exactly how you misuse Vikram .. Wasting a great actor's time and effort.. Audience paavam..

  • Mathiyalagan Nelesh Kumar
    Mathiyalagan Nelesh Kumar  11 months ago +251

    Anyone here after watching Telugu trailer

  • Jayaseelan Davadas
    Jayaseelan Davadas  11 months ago +220

    Naa police illa pokkiri is 1000 times better then bootham

  • Shiny Yave
    Shiny Yave  11 months ago +33

    Trisha illama saamy waste

  • kannan soso
    kannan soso  11 months ago +159

    Why is it like 80's BGM music or today's Tamil serial kinda music😕? Why the camera is not that much elegant😕? Why you chose Bobby Simha as villain when he is NOT worthy against to our big actor 'Chiyaan Vikram'😕? Why this movie is not impressive like the first part😕? Why did 'Keerthy Suresh' got slapped instead of getting kissed😕? Why is it like Singam 4 instead of Saamy²😕? Why am I having lots of questions in my head...? I mean why? Why, why, why...??? Why is this making me sad 😔😔😔?

  • MP
    MP  a years ago +462

    Dialogue should be 1. unna madri naan pei vaithula porakalada thaai vaithula poranthavan daa. 2. Meratta vantha boodham illada naan kaaka vantha saamy da.. But unfortunate missing the gethu of vikram in this trailer

  • Tj Raj
    Tj Raj  11 months ago +106

    Telugu trailer is better than this.

  • Engineer Gokul
    Engineer Gokul  11 months ago +140

    Its a great escape from Trisha

  • Amal Nishanth
    Amal Nishanth  11 months ago +34

    Na Thai vayatula porakala. Pei vayatula poranturuken

  • Siji Bhu
    Siji Bhu  11 months ago +49

    Who are seeing after Telugu trailer..

  • Ajmal Aju
    Ajmal Aju  a years ago +374

    Worst editing hit like here if you agree

  • Suresh Nuvvula
    Suresh Nuvvula  11 months ago +53

    Naa saamy2 ille singam4🤣🤣????
    1:45 to 1:50

    DHAYALAN SAMPATH  11 months ago +43

    Dai பைத்தியம் ஒரு நல்ல நடிகன் இப்படி ஏன்டா
    இத editing பன்ன நாய் படம் ஓட கூடாது பன்னியா டா

  • Bhuvaneshwar kumar Bhuvi
    Bhuvaneshwar kumar Bhuvi  11 months ago +19

    15M wow it's medical miracle

  • Naveen Deva
    Naveen Deva  11 months ago +20

    Plz sir... We r not expecting dis kind of kinda masalas😫😫from u