Floyd Mayweather says he is boxing Khabib next and will make more money than Conor bout,Tony

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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  • Unknown guy
    Unknown guy  4 days ago

    now mayweather should step in ufc octagen like conor bravely did in his boxing ring and mayweather should fight khabib

  • Super Indian
    Super Indian  9 days ago

    Khabib is boxing fighter or mma fighter??

  • Karolina Ortiz
    Karolina Ortiz  10 days ago +1

    Mayweather will knock khabib out

  • Karolina Ortiz
    Karolina Ortiz  10 days ago +1

    Tony looks like Trevor from GTA5

  • TakeshiMagdonish
    TakeshiMagdonish  13 days ago +1

    #RIP cute intro 💔

  • Iamzombiehunter
    Iamzombiehunter  15 days ago

    floyd agreed to fight connor in the cage.. but where is this little old retired pussy?... Hiding of course

  • Iamzombiehunter
    Iamzombiehunter  15 days ago

    mayweather is a LOSER than ran around the ring and avoided his opponents.. he is fricken chicken that lucked out and won on a decision... and is SHIT SCARED to fight Connor inside the Cage. McGregor just hot his ass whipped but he would DESTROY that fake ass mayweather...

  • M.T. McLaughlin
    M.T. McLaughlin  23 days ago

    Floyd is a pussy, he just wants to tap people and hold them till the ref breaks them. How about fb loyd coming into the UFC and then we can talk shit. Fb loyd would not last 2 minutes in the cage. He is a pussy.

  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain  24 days ago

    I think khabib should rethink this and face mayweather in the cage rather than in the boxing ring cuz that's what's real not boxing.. ufc is the real shit! Octegon is the jungle, khabib.. But guess what so called unbeaten greatest boxer of all time doesn't have the balls to fight like real men which is in the CAGE!

  • Doctor Cthulhu
    Doctor Cthulhu  25 days ago

    Khabib vs No One. and Tony vs No One
    That’s how you have to write it. Anything else could jinx either one of them into career ending injuries.

  • Doctor Cthulhu
    Doctor Cthulhu  25 days ago

    Floyd’s just screwing around. He knows the UFC isn’t interested in another boxing match, and they would have to sign off on another fight. Tony’s got next, almost guaranteed, because Khabib won’t sign a rematch contract against Conor right now.
    Khabib wants to fight seeded fighters, and depending on how the Ferguson fight goes, maybe Woodley has got next after him.

  • Louie
    Louie  25 days ago

    that closer tho. 🤣🤣🤣

  • RaZiM
    RaZiM  27 days ago

    Nate is pathetic. If would fight 1/2 as much as he bitches. He would be bigger than Conor McGregor. He is just an entitled slut!! I want him to fight so we can see his real PPV numbers without Conor. He is not a draw without Conor. Lucky if he gets 350,000 buys that’s all!!!

  • Al-Saher 87
    Al-Saher 87  28 days ago

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  • Sam Fitzgerald
    Sam Fitzgerald  28 days ago

    I get why khabib did what he did but he still put innocent people in danger just like Conor did

  • DKchadph kapampangan

    If Gayweather will come in the Octagon for Khabib, then it will be a nice fight. :3

  • Dan Holland
    Dan Holland  29 days ago

    Funniest ending ever

  • innertubez
    innertubez  29 days ago

    Matt "Alexander Gustipsson / Glover Textera" Serra

  • Monkey Hunter
    Monkey Hunter  29 days ago

    Fuck that racist POS gayweather


    Put Mayweather in the octagon.real fighting for once in his life