The Struts - One Night Only

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 23, 2017
  • “One Night Only” by The Struts is available now. up for the band’s newsletter here: The Struts Official Store: Connect with The Struts:Official - YouTube - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Music video by The Struts performing One Night Only. (C) 2017 Interscope Records


  • Isaias Sanchez  1 years ago

    Why aren't they the biggest thing in music right now?

  • Babe N.  1 months ago

    Right they are so amazing and will be in Houston Tuesday. I'm going

  • @Arthur Morgan Hey, Bon Jovi is not boring!!!!

  • Ricardo Aguirre  1 years ago

    It's a crime that you guys aren't bigger

  • Laura Harris  4 months ago

    Saw them live with Foo Fighters, they were great.

  • damn if that's not the truth.

  • Rex Kwon Do  1 years ago

    It's like the love child of Queen and My Chemical Romance. Absolutely beautiful!

  • Serpephone  22 days ago

    not sure who My Chemical Romance is... but this is a great, energetic band, with awesome live shows!

  • Kriztel Alquizar  1 months ago


  • ThatGuyMrGreen  1 years ago

    In this age, where Imagine Dragons is what is viewed as rock n roll.... it is so refreshing to see The Struts doing their thing. Rock is not dead!!!!

  • Emily  25 days ago

    Check out "Feeder"

  • Larry Lurex  3 months ago

    I think Imagine Dragons are too much pop, I love the Struts

  • BobxLawxBlaw  1 years ago

    Freddie Mercury? Is that you?

  • Larry Lurex  1 months ago

    @Cathy GaliLEO Andrews I know, I never said that they died, they only burn, and The Struts was born as a band in 2009, when Queen + Paul Rodgers ended the collaboration, and right now Queen + Adam Lambert isn't an important group, and they doesn't make new albums (sorry for my English, I'm Italian)

  • @Steve Trent OH HELL NO!!!! NOBODY IS BETTER THAN FREDDIE MERCURY!!!! HE IS A LEGEND AND A GOD!! Some people wish they were like him but they're pale imitations.

  • Greg B  1 years ago

    They surely have the potential to be the new Queen. Mercury would approve :) ( and i dont say it by comparing them, i say it by simply for the feeling they leave u after the song finishes!)

  • Norden  3 days ago

    why aspire to be the new Queen when you can be only Struts :)

  • DamnYouFrisbee  19 days ago

    @Followed Sphere Let me guess, you listen to shit like Nicki minaj and rap?

  • BobShanky  1 years ago

    I don't know exactly what "it" is, but these guys have it. Holy shit.

  • joblessalex  1 years ago

    BobShanky they put the it in holy shit?

  • It=talent

  • Daniel Gould  1 years ago

    How does someone have that much power in their voice when they smoke? I love this band

  • Well, i think this power can't last longer... smoking causes serious damages to the voice!

  • JAKAYLA LEWIS  4 months ago

    That's exactly what I said

  • Nate M  1 years ago

    Literally the face of Tim Curry in Rocky Horror with the voice of Freddy Mercury, so in essence, a perfect human

  • Mary Hanafee  6 months ago

    Freddie had more range and could pull off gravel-y sexy. They can’t, too clear of a voice. Love the Struts!!! Don’t get me wrong- they’re great in their own right. But Queen is Queen. Freddie is and will forever be Freddie fucking Mercury. These are The Struts.

  • Lisa Humes  8 months ago

    Nate see you look really young, but you get it! Kudos Nate!

  • Nicole Ponce  1 years ago

    Glam Rock is not deadThanks The Struts

  • xsodyk yeah you're right, this sounded better

  • xsodyk  11 months ago

    Sebastian&Mia Nice joke xD