Tyron Woodley Reacts to Snoop Dogg's trashing Darren Till and President Trump,Werdum suspended

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 11, 2018
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  • Mike Bailey
    Mike Bailey  11 hours ago

    That's what I've been saying for ever... Wrestle him back... Stop getting up... Fucking wrestle/grapple/ bjj..... It's MMA fool... U want to stand up.. kickbox or box...

  • yeshua sage
    yeshua sage  11 days ago

    Lol eddie thinking that being under khabib is like a jui jitsu match where you just embrace being under.

  • tjpm
    tjpm  27 days ago

    I want Khabib and Tony next.

  • John Lane
    John Lane  a months ago

    Snoop likes to talk a lot of shit. Lets see him get in the cage with Till.

  • ThistleDewOutdoors
    ThistleDewOutdoors  1 months ago

    Martha Stewart is the only 1 who's done time..!!!!!! Yankee ass Snoop Dogg/Lion/Duckbillplatypus - aint broke a law in his life........ Fuck that uncle cracker

  • egotesticle
    egotesticle  1 months ago

    snoop should fight till

  • nawaz maniyar
    nawaz maniyar  1 months ago

    Tyron you re fool for real. Snoop Dogg is a legend for real

  • Danny Worsnop
    Danny Worsnop  1 months ago

    Every time i laught. To see you face snoop dog big lips you are lucky where you born when slaves is over in america I hope that happening to you will be donkey.

  • trev N
    trev N  1 months ago

    Werdums Career is over

  • Xavier Burks
    Xavier Burks  1 months ago

    Fuck snoop dogg

  • ramzi moussa
    ramzi moussa  1 months ago

    you all dont want to accept it , but black people and snoop is a good exemple are racist as shit

  • psychopath
    psychopath  1 months ago

    Snoop you silly black cunt

  • Matt Mudde
    Matt Mudde  1 months ago

    snoop dogg is a little bitch stoner, i know 12 yo girls that would eat you alive, yes i would say this if we were face to face you POS

  • General Lee
    General Lee  1 months ago

    Poop dogs a racist piece of shit fake ass gangster wanna be mother fucker

  • ricky rhodes
    ricky rhodes  1 months ago

    Snoop looks like a crack head old lady who does tricks for that crack. Fuck that negro he's RETARDED just because he say fuck and nigger in every sentence don't make him shit (all 60lbs of him)

  • calibomber209
    calibomber209  1 months ago

    I’d love to see sage destroy Logan.

  • Ger
    Ger  1 months ago

    Snoop filthy flee dog is a fool

  • Boo Who
    Boo Who  1 months ago

    Snoop is just a racist peice of shit.

  • Brian Crawford
    Brian Crawford  1 months ago

    I like Snoop but that video made him look really stupid

  • Danzig
    Danzig  1 months ago

    Fuck that skinny rat snoppy!!You the bitch Look like a skinny black trans!!!!HAHAHAHA