Crackdown 2 took Bioshock's twist and did it better

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 20, 2019
  • Crackdown 2 has a wild twist that very few people even know about. And while it's similar to the infamous twist in Bioshock, Crackdown 2 may have done it even better.Subscribe to our YouTube channel! us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: for more gaming and entertainment coverage, visit


  • Goblin Slayer
    Goblin Slayer  5 months ago +941

    All I remember was jumping across buildings to collect orbs.

  • Orlanzo Telfer
    Orlanzo Telfer  5 months ago +338

    Wow .. no idea crackdown was so deep....I was just killing gang leaders like a sheep...the announcers voice got me hyped

  • mithrilbookofmystery
    mithrilbookofmystery  6 months ago +982

    I've never played Bioshock or Crackdown (1 or 2), but I do love this video, because it's pretty much just Clayton geeking out and explaining to us something he loves, and who doesn't love enthusiastic explanations?

  • Lord Smesh
    Lord Smesh  6 months ago +509

    Alot of people shit on crackdown 2 but I honestly thought I was a good game, even if it was the same map and used a stupid zombie gimmick.

  • Tyler
    Tyler  6 months ago +672

    My favorite Polygon videos are just the ones where you can see how excited they are about the subject and how much fun they're having. Good stuff, Clayton.

  • Hannah P
    Hannah P  6 months ago +615

    I’m sure it’s more work, but I really love the videos that actually feature one of the video producers talking in front of a backdrop versus just a voiceover. It adds so much more personality!

  • Cuppa Coffee
    Cuppa Coffee  6 months ago +185

    I played the first one so much I still have the directors voice lines embedded in my mind. Skills for kills, agent.

    KENNETH  6 months ago +287

    All I remember about Crackdown 2 was that I was doing what I thought were side missions before getting to the main story and the game ended. I thought activating the Project Sunburst beacons was just a "side thing". And I finished the game in an afternoon.

  • DigitalBroomstick
    DigitalBroomstick  6 months ago +413

    Finally someone covered this. I played through crackdown 1 a few times and only on the 2nd play through did I understand the meaning of the ending. Always wondered how it continued on in 2 but I was too young to care about the audio logs stuff

  • BootyWarriorGT
    BootyWarriorGT  5 months ago +220

    The issue with this comparison is that bioshock’s twist wasn’t that “you were the bad guy all along.” Andrew Ryan was still not a very good dude and neither were any of the people you fought along the way. Of course if you’ve been harvesting the little sisters then you’ve been a bad dude, but aside from the little sister mechanic, the twist of bioshock is that you’ve been acting as a sleeper-surrogate for Fontaine to do his bidding. That doesn’t make you, the player, the bad guy. All you really are is a neutral party that’s being taken advantage of and that’s why you end the game by getting revenge on the other bad guy who’s been using you the whole time

  • Nick Lewis
    Nick Lewis  5 months ago +136

    Forgot to mention how the protagonist dies but they recover his arm to do cloning.

  • Jacob symons
    Jacob symons  5 months ago +67

    Everyone hates this game, It’s my favourite crackdown tbh

  • Kabcr1
    Kabcr1  5 months ago +74

    I'm in a minority but I loved Crackdown 2 too. It's such a good set up.

  • Mighty Commander
    Mighty Commander  6 months ago +56

    The Terry Crews chooses, the slave obeys

  • Max Daniels
    Max Daniels  5 months ago +28

    While this is a fascinating thing that this game did, and deeply subversive, I think it's a bit reductive to just call it "better than Bioshock" other than for title grabbing purposes. It seems to be genuinely different with similar parallels rather than being the same idea. Bioshock is about what is beyond a person's control, it's a marrying of game mechanics to narrative. It's a deeply personal game.
    Crackdown is more about being the fascist force that is consuming and taking hold. And I agree, it's propaganda. But even if you find the information it doesn't change things. It's up to you the player to decide why that is, but it's not a revelation. It's not personal. It's decidedly anti-personal, because the goal of the game at that point is to shut that out and finish the game.
    I find them both unique, but calling you "The Bad Guy" in Bioshock is missing the point. And calling a game about systemic blindness strictly better than one about the lack of choice is not 1:1.
    That said, I'm still happy to see it, and I like longer form articles like this. Just... Maybe without being so reductive.

  • Tim Thomas
    Tim Thomas  6 months ago +54

    Kinda surprised that Crackdown 3 was even less telling of the Agency's misdeeds

  • SilentBob
    SilentBob  6 months ago +69

    This is also just the plot to Just Cause. Including the agency being named "The Agency".
    Huh. Never realised that, despite playing both series.

  • MP crazyme
    MP crazyme  5 months ago +26

    My whole life is s lie cause I played a lot of crackdown 2

  • Xesathean Shadow
    Xesathean Shadow  6 months ago +47

    This reminds me of XCOM2. In that game--spoilers, by the way--it is revealed that the aliens weren't just killing and collecting human genetics to make a god for purely destroying the world, even though that's what Central believes, but rather to fight the subalantic monsters below. Hell, it was plain once you've reached the Elder missions that something else is going on, and it's even spelled out to you by the Assassin Chosen in the expansion. But, you didn't know the whole story, and you pay for that ignorance. I really hope that they make a third one--I know it is a remake--where XCOM freaks out about Lovecraftian tentacle amalgamations. Idk. The Assassin's final words always stuck with me, though: "You have fought well, XCOM. May you reclaim your world again." I feel like it was then that she realized that humans aren't just squishy bugs, that we could defend ourselves. Anyway, your explanations of Crackdown reminded me of it, even though I probably completely failed at explaining why that connection feels so strong to me.

  • Robert Gibson
    Robert Gibson  6 months ago +45

    What happens in Crackdown 3? Does it continue this narrative?
    Please do a follow up video!