Crackdown 2 took Bioshock's twist and did it better

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 20, 2019
  • Crackdown 2 has a wild twist that very few people even know about. And while it's similar to the infamous twist in Bioshock, Crackdown 2 may have done it even better.

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  • Void -
    Void -  7 days ago

    So the agency technically isn’t the good guys

  • dog toe
    dog toe  7 days ago

    I haven’t played Crackdown 2 in years and I had no idea about any of this. Strange honestly because all I ever wanted to do was break some cars over people’s heads.

  • SovetskySkaiya /Strigon1

    I love Crackdown 2

  • Souljah187
    Souljah187  a months ago

    Damnn just like the illuminati

  • Mystic Lance
    Mystic Lance  a months ago +1

    And Crackdown 3 Forgot Everything

  • Canete Chats
    Canete Chats  a months ago

    I'm just now seeing this after getting back into crackdown... it's funny now to think that in crackdown 2 the first audio log you pick up the agency's voice shrugs it off as "ancient history"

  • Kiah Beyer
    Kiah Beyer  2 months ago

    Clayton when im listening to u, u sound like a calmer brian, or a stressed pat. it is so confusing bc in my head u sound like abe lincoln.

  • ThatLonelyGoat
    ThatLonelyGoat  2 months ago

    Imagine beating Crackdown one, hearing that voice over " the entire world" and then loading up Crackdown 2 only to be back at the same map but less interesting and zombies. Horrible sequel to a great game

  • The Knight Von Despair

    Stanley Milgran D:

  • Madison Healey
    Madison Healey  2 months ago

    Not to get political, but does ANY OF THIS SOUND FAMILIAR

  • YourAverageUser
    YourAverageUser  3 months ago

    my god i only played the demo of 1 so while i had theory’s on the agency without the lack of 1s ending i could never confirm it

  • Vultrus
    Vultrus  3 months ago +2

    If the point of making player characters complicit with evil organizations is to make players think about their actions and consequences then hiding that message in optional audio logs that you can't change your interactions based on undermines the whole point. Nobody playing crackdown thinks about police brutality or the CIA because they hid that message too well.

    Just like Starship Troopers the subversion is subtextual while the main text is so loud and propagandistic that it's more likely to convince someone to join the military or police than Google COINTELPRO.

  • Commandrogyne
    Commandrogyne  3 months ago

    wow this is. an unfortunately familiar narrative

  • Annaleebie
    Annaleebie  4 months ago +1

    Remember that "satire needs clarity of intent" picture with that guy in the shirt? Yeah if your twist is too subtle and hard to find it won't do it's job, which is a real shame, bc that game sounds really interesting but I never would have found out without this video

  • Jordan Spencer
    Jordan Spencer  4 months ago

    I'd watch that movie

  • Mr. Fondil Mabols
    Mr. Fondil Mabols  4 months ago


  • Dom Guilfoyle
    Dom Guilfoyle  4 months ago +1

    I love that this twist is basically just the USA's foreign policy.

  • StarMaverick
    StarMaverick  5 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who like all crackdown games?

  • Christina G
    Christina G  5 months ago

    Polygon out here teaching us what to look out for in an authoritarian regime

  • - M.D.N -
    - M.D.N -  5 months ago

    Wait...what? I play Crackdown 1 alot , I wasn't paying attention to the story. Just blowing up stuff , and beating up the bad guys. This gives me more of a reason to mess with agents.