We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya? On today's adventure, Nathan and I are off to the city of Palm Springs to stay at the new TACO BELL HOTEL!! 🌮 Come on our crazy journey of staying on opening night of THE BELL! We try secret food items that are exclusive to the hotel and meet the iconic chef who invented the Nacho Fries!⭐ SHOP Jeffree Star Cosmetics JAWBREAKER Collection: https://bit.ly/2Kyml7F💖 SHOP THE OG MORPHE X JEFFREE STAR BRUSH & SPONGE COLLECTION ▷ https://bit.ly/2UFLvCb✅ FOLLOW NATHAN ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/datschwandt/*SHOP: http://www.jeffreestarcosmetics.com+ FOLLOW MY BRAND ON Instagram: http://instagram.com/jeffreestarcosme...+FOLLOW ME ON IG: http://instagram.com/jeffreestar+ SNAPCHAT: jeffreedahmer+ TWITTER: @jeffreestarWATCH MORE VIDEOS...................❤️🔥 WATCH SURPRISING MY BOYFRIEND W HIS DREAM CAR ► https://bit.ly/2ObF2At🎀 WATCH MY PINK VAULT CLOSET TOUR ▷ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwMBr...💵 TRYING DOLLAR TREE MAKEUP FOR THE FIRST TIME ▷ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zwko...😇 FULL FACE OF BRANDS THAT DON'T HATE ME... YET ▷ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNOBD...MUSIC: Mike Vallas & Jagsy & quaggin ► Left My Heart In Pain - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiK6L... (courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)Kozah - Travel Again - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEAoP...Glude - Breathe - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulPvZ...


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    5,000 subs with one video  5 days ago +14940

    Whoever is reading this hope you will be rich and successful. Like to activate

  • Guilherme
    Guilherme  yesterday +617

    Person with the same car: “i know you”
    Jeffree: MY SUBSCRIBER

  • Lauren Walters
    Lauren Walters  yesterday +492

    Jeffree: “It’s 108° out”
    Also jeffree: wears a long sleeve tracksuit

  • Skye Haines
    Skye Haines  2 days ago +410

    “Plastic straws, we don’t know her”*drinks from plastic cup*

  • marley
    marley  yesterday +112

    Please do a full face of milk makeup, apparently the flex highlighter is made with crushed gemstones

  • did i stutter betch
    did i stutter betch  7 days ago +1198

    Burger King:
    Chick Fil A:
    Taco Bell: builds a whole ass resort

  • Cody Fast
    Cody Fast  2 days ago +813

    Welp, looks like Taco Bell bought an abandoned motel 6 in the middle of the desert and slapped some Taco Bell logos all over it lol

  • Luisse Hot
    Luisse Hot  yesterday +53

    Jeffree: *has a whole ass room full of louis vuitton, gucci, clothes
    also Jeffree: chooses to wear Adidas instead

  • Lil Nothin
    Lil Nothin  yesterday +52

    Jeffree: "it's so hot out here."
    Also Jeffree: wears longs sleeves and pants

  • Lilien Trejtnarová
    Lilien Trejtnarová  yesterday +40

    It is a hotel, why they don't have ordinary washable glass for drinking, plates, knifes and forks !? So sad.

  • Wyatt Arthur
    Wyatt Arthur  7 days ago +8536

    Imagine the guy who has to clean the toilets at a Taco Bell resort...

  • Summer springs
    Summer springs  yesterday +47

    Jeffree looks like sue from Glee in that tracksuit lol

  • xDelta666x
    xDelta666x  2 days ago +94

    Jeffree should get pink hair again and they could be Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents.

  • Aleisha Gregory
    Aleisha Gregory  yesterday +88

    I love how he gets sent really expensive stuff and he’s just like “uh okay” but he gets invited to toco bell he’s so excited 😂

  • Abby lovesSoftball
    Abby lovesSoftball  yesterday +36

    Me: 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  • EddienaC
    EddienaC  7 days ago +17919

    Nate showed up looking like he was sponsored by Nickelodeon

  • Louise Sibthorpe
    Louise Sibthorpe  2 days ago +463

    “Okay so I didn’t bring that much make up, just basic stuff really”
    drops a whole duffel bag on the bed

  • Queen Janeway
    Queen Janeway  yesterday +26

    we don't have taco bell in my country pray for us

  • Lily Rose
    Lily Rose  2 days ago +64

    I hope you make a Taco Bell themed pallet one day 😂❤️🏳️‍🌈

  • Lisa van Zyl
    Lisa van Zyl  2 days ago +13

    It’s 108°F and Jeffree is wearing a tracksuit😂