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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
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  • Juanpa Zurita
    Juanpa Zurita  2 months ago +1277

    Watch more Stories From Our Future

  • Natusia MK
    Natusia MK  2 months ago +1581

    And that's creative way to show how drugs are ruining lifes

  • Chuck Bartowski
    Chuck Bartowski  2 months ago +381

    Basically it was made because of the real-life vaping and how it was said to be "the healthy alternative," so many millennials tried it and got addicted, but now we realize it wasn't that much less healthy than normally smoking...

  • Elle’s Woodlock
    Elle’s Woodlock  2 months ago +425

    Beginning of video: I could really use this Mist! Someone needs to make this a real product
    End of video: Yeah this is why you don’t do drugs kid...

  • DJuno
    DJuno  2 months ago +949

    me in the middle of the video : Ummmmmmm i want a mist defuq
    finished the video : and i oop .....

  • Vivi Game
    Vivi Game  2 months ago +208

    Beginning: what is that
    Middle: that seems cool I want it
    End: oof nvm

  • Mahira Hussain
    Mahira Hussain  2 months ago +2981

    I thought in the beginning it was an advertisement😂😂

  • Alexis C
    Alexis C  2 months ago +462

    Cigarrette? Smoking
    Juul? Juuling
    Mist? Misting
    Hotel? Trivago

  • jae kay
    jae kay  2 months ago +215

    If we don't stop polluting the future won't be that beautiful 💔

  • emily lai
    emily lai  2 months ago +398

    beginning: what's mist..?
    middle : ugh its a drug thingy
    end: ahaha no more drugs :)))))))

  • Ericka Exclusive
    Ericka Exclusive  2 months ago +127

    Uhhh...did that homeless man just turn into a young guitar player?

    THE LORD  1 months ago +25

    I was watching these "Stories from our future" back to back and i understood one thing
    Nothing good is going to happen in future

  • Frase_ william
    Frase_ william  2 months ago +279

    I thought this was an add to start smoking 🚬 lol
    Thanks for 60 likes

  • Gelskie25 2007
    Gelskie25 2007  2 months ago +51

    I really want to try that "Mist" thing😂😂😂
    Edit: ummmmm never mind i'll stick to eating

  • Crime Z.
    Crime Z.  2 months ago +103

    How bout like AirPods implanted to your ears where you can sensor negative vibes?🤔 that’d b cool

  • #awesome7 Lol
    #awesome7 Lol  2 months ago +699

    Who else just watched lele, juanpa and Rudy’s video back to back

  • Itztomboyfam Gacha lovers
    Itztomboyfam Gacha lovers  2 months ago +33

    Only if Mist’s were real 🥺
    Edit: NVM

  • WaniWaniWito Brawl Stars
    WaniWaniWito Brawl Stars  2 months ago +174

    Legend has it
    No one cares if juanpa, lele, and Rudy uploaded at the same time

  • Jade Huang
    Jade Huang  3 days ago +3

    You can make this at home just buy mentos and puncture a hole then write mist on it with a sharpie

  • K.ariii
    K.ariii  2 months ago +90

    Lol just kidding...
    Or am i?