Bumblebee - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 9, 2018
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, Stephen Schneider, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Dylan O'Brien. Directed by Travis Knight.


  • Alexsketchstudios
    Alexsketchstudios  4 days ago

    I'm surprised he didn't go for the iron giant comparison

  • ReconNation
    ReconNation  6 days ago

    Best transformers movie since the 2nd one

  • Charley Wymore
    Charley Wymore  7 days ago +1

    And there's no "directly underneath...enemy scrotum."

  • Jetfire1959
    Jetfire1959  7 days ago

    I can't believe you didn't mention "Herbie: Fully Loaded". It starts exactly the same way. A pretty young girl buys and old beat up VW that turns out to be sentient.

  • Lt. Elf
    Lt. Elf  14 days ago +1

    Bullshit I would give it a A- this is a stand-up from the Micheal Bay films u sure gave it a bad grade

  • The Saiyan Gaming Knight 16

    1. Bumblebee
    2. Transformers: The Movie (1986)
    3. Transformers
    4. Transformers 3
    5. Transformers 4
    6. Transformers 2
    7. Transformers 5

  • Leslie
    Leslie  14 days ago

    Any Jdm freaks notice a uncanny amount of datsun 240Z's in this movie 😅🤔

  • Otizzle babe
    Otizzle babe  21 days ago

    Sorry B was boaring i fell asleep

  • DragonRider
    DragonRider  21 days ago

    I did not compare Bumblebee to E.T.. I wasn't even thinking of E.T. while watching this.

  • The Dinosaur Science Show

    Also the decisions of the transformers look a lot like the ones from the cartoon and the 1986 movie

  • Disturbed Individual

    Another franchise that needs to take a chill.

  • dave israel
    dave israel  a months ago

    I love how the transformers had that classic original 80s look to The Transformers amazing!!

  • dave israel
    dave israel  a months ago

    I just busted a nut that's shirt is sexy asf

  • William Sullivan
    William Sullivan  a months ago

    From the campy beginning with John Cena, the the cliche misunderstood teenager (just smile book?) I made it through about 45 min of this movie before I shut it off. I have a hard time with films that make nonsensical decisions. I am a veteran and all the military scenes just made me cringe. That being said, I think this movie would appeal to tweens.

    PAPA TANGO  a months ago +1

    it was very good movie, more greater than michael bay's version..

  • Fleato
    Fleato  a months ago

    i really thought a lot of this was stupid. just stupid things, like the bad guys needing to go through all their transformations for no reason at all.... and john cenas character was annoying. it was just annoying in all the LOOK AT THIS NOSTALGIA MOMENT targeted at kids who never lived that so it's not nostalgic.... it's dumb and so so so many ret-cons..... like she left bubmblebee to go be with the peopel who needs him and chronologically.... next time we see him.... HES RUSTED AND SITTING IN ANOTHER CAR LOT

  • Nagesh Gabel
    Nagesh Gabel  a months ago

    enjoyed it but could have been much much better.

    INSERTGODZILLANAMEHERE 1  a months ago +1

    This movie was amazing. I liked all the Micheal Bay movies but this one is alot better.

  • White Rob
    White Rob  a months ago +1

    Cuckmans wife must be a feminist.. bcuz he hates boobs and sexy women. Atleast openly, behind the scenes he's jacking it.

  • UBI fan
    UBI fan  a months ago

    I like this movie but the first Bay movie is still my favourite of all time