Don Lemon On Responding To Kevin Hart, Homophobia In Black Community | The View

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 11, 2019
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  • cokerockstop2  5 months ago

    Wish they got this offended at the lack of health-care across the counrty.

  • Ben EyBoo  1 months ago

    cokerockstop2 Lol what a dense comment. As if a society can’t care about more than one issue at a time? Just say you don’t care about homophobia.

  • BooBooBunny  2 months ago

    They're both very important issues actually.

  • Streex-93  5 months ago

    I’m really sick of Dom Lemon keep pushing this Kevin Hart situation.

  • Jonathan Paul  1 months ago

    Streex-93 You’re a homophobe. Shut up.

  • Braden Young  4 months ago

    he acts like gay people should not have jokes about them

  • TJRelly  5 months ago

    I clicked on this by accident. The view turns my stomach.

  • Amal Nasser  11 hours ago

    TJRelly never related more to a statement

  • cm. CG  5 months ago

    Really dragging this out

  • Bryant Williams  5 months ago

    I'm black and gay and I support Kev. He already apologized multiple times. Let it go.

  • Jonathan Paul  1 months ago

    Bryant Williams Kevin isn’t funny. Like at all.

  • Ben EyBoo  1 months ago

    Brother Tracy Stone then you and all your black homophobic community need to “get over” the racism within the LGBT community.

  • katsupoi  5 months ago

    Mike Tyson:this guy is so full of s**tDon Lemon:(over exaggerated laugh)

  • SaiyanPride  5 months ago

    This dude says he wants to stand up for "his people" yet here he is tearing down a black man. 🤔

  • jonny davis  5 months ago

    Don lemon bullying Kevin Hart 😂

  • Jumpman T  5 months ago

    Don just said "you can't bully people" maybe Kevin was feeling bullied into apologizing by the academy?

  • Jonathan Paul  1 months ago

    Jumpman T He was bullied into apologizing because of a paycheck. He’s a joke.

  • Jumpman T  5 months ago

    @Erin levere I don't know, chick FIL aye is doing just fine 😂

  • tinaloveseddie  5 months ago

    I wonder what Don’s facial cleansing/moisturizing routine is? What products does he use. His skin looks amazing!🥰

  • Ebaie Winna  5 months ago

    His husband helps him out every night with the moisturizer...