Don Lemon On Responding To Kevin Hart, Homophobia In Black Community | The View

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 11, 2019
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  • Greg Phillips
    Greg Phillips  2 hours ago

    No don there are verses in the bible just for gay people. Capitol punishment.

  • Didi Maz
    Didi Maz  4 hours ago

    bravo Don Lemon...well are spectacular

  • Reinier Cabiedes
    Reinier Cabiedes  6 hours ago

    Don you are a jokw

  • Michael R
    Michael R  9 hours ago

    What a phony

  • Tawana Davis
    Tawana Davis  10 hours ago

    He just wanted to keep it going.

  • Nubenegra martinez
    Nubenegra martinez  13 hours ago

    he did not apologize "Eventually" he did it #$%^e!.... years ago...

  • lee lee
    lee lee  13 hours ago

    Why is he wearing lipstick! Smh😒

  • kenneth margaret
    kenneth margaret  14 hours ago

    This is stupid..and Don Lemon is stupid. You can't force no one to be a champion for your way of life. They can accept it but they don't have to be a cheering squad for it.

  • Arainea CuteBrownNurse

    I look at Don Lemon and I ask myself over and over , Why can’t I even stand to look him? He just irritates me so much and I don’t understand why.

  • candy girlll
    candy girlll  18 hours ago poor rkelly get into this🤣

  • S. Jay
    S. Jay  18 hours ago

    The Kevin Hart impersonation was hilarious!!! LOL....
    I disagree that you should apologize over and over. I believe one should apologize and change their behavior. If we expect people to apologize over and over, we are not allowing them to grow and change their behavior. We keep forcing them to re-live something that they admitted they were wrong for saying/doing.

  • Steven Galmore
    Steven Galmore  18 hours ago

    They've taken black pain and covered it with homosexuality.

  • Acacius
    Acacius  yesterday

    He is 52 and he looks 28. What the actual f***.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden  yesterday

    Homophobia is a label used by libtards. Some people just don't like gays, its against their religious beliefs. Its really that simple.

  • Jay Green
    Jay Green  yesterday

    Wtf being gay is a choice a disgusting one but it is a choice 2 men together i don't care what anybody says is just gross

  • Laquan Mcintyre

    i thought don lemon was a pure logic kind of guy, but he's proof that you start sounding stupid when your backing a personal cause on the platform you have that provides information for millions of viewers, because eventually the logic goes out the door and your emotions take over.

  • Matthew Rowley
    Matthew Rowley  yesterday

    Calls out Ellen for being a spokeswoman for the gay community, while also being the self-proclaimed spokesman for the black gay community. Mr.Lemon is such a tool.

  • Jonathan Sanders

    Kevin and any straight person who’s God fearing doesn’t want to be no ally with gays, we don’t support ur satanic living that’s kick rocks cuz u get none of my sympathy with your blasphemous ways....don’t @ me if u salty 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Trl Dr fu tv lyric

    You can't speak for the Black. Community.... You're sad bully

  • Veracity
    Veracity  yesterday

    Comedians joke about race, sex, and even religion, but, it does not stop both white or black audiences, just as both Male and female audiences from attending comedy shows. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and believes... we have to accept that too we can't change everyone. Period