The Tower of Joy: What did Ned already know?

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 1, 2019
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  • Tom McBriarty
    Tom McBriarty  4 months ago +259

    When a character is so great that they were only in nine episodes, eight years ago, and we're still talking about them.

  • Deven Thakor
    Deven Thakor  2 months ago +59

    "You cant just magic a fleet out of nowhere"
    Show Ironborn laugh in D&D

  • Godzilla00X
    Godzilla00X  4 months ago +397

    "Ned, I married Rhegar out of love, he was a chill dude tbh. Sorry dad and Bran died but you know, Love is love lol! BTW can you raise my kid for me? Feel free to turn his birth into a conspiracy that becomes the gossip of the entire North. Just tell Cat it's a prank. Peace bro"

  • andreas simmons
    andreas simmons  4 months ago +226

    Your attention to detail, and using common sense analysis is what makes you such a great GOT contributor. Every video you have made is awesome. My personal GOT TV channel. Thanks Robert.

  • Bas Veerman
    Bas Veerman  4 months ago +116

    Caring for the Targaryen children is a characteristic of Ned Stark, I think. Remember season 1/ book 1: Ned warns Cersei after discovering of her children's parentage, to spare the children from Robert's wrath. Ned had no family ties to those Lannister children, he simply considered them innocents.

  • Hermione Granger of House Gryffindor

    Oh I always wondered why the rescuing of Lyanna wasn’t a bigger mission led by the pompous Robert, but of course Ned would’ve wanted it to be a secret. He totally knew about Lyanna willingly went with Rhaegar. My question is if Ned already thought about the possibility of faking Lyannas death how do we know he didn’t?

  • VeracityLH
    VeracityLH  4 months ago +78

    With all the allusions of ASOIAF and history (particularly English history, especially the Wars of the Roses), people are missing a big point about Stannis being given Dragonstone instead of Storm's End. In England, Ludlow Castle was a stronghold of Richard, Duke of York and some of his children spent a good bit of time there, including the future Richard III. When York's eldest son became Edward IV and married and had children, Edward sent HIS eldest son (the future Edward V) to Ludlow Castle to establish his household as Prince of Wales and future king. Thus Ludlow Castle became the residence of the heir to the throne.
    When Henry Tudor won the Battle of Bosworth Field against Richard III and became king, his right to the throne was established by conquest (like Robert Baratheon) though he did descend from the royal house (like Robert Baratheon). Though the ruling house changed, Henry kept many of the same ministers and customs, even pardoning Richard III's heir and placing him on the Council! When Henry's eldest son Arthur married Catherine of Aragon, Henry sent his heir to … Ludlow Castle to set up house as Prince of Wales. Henry did NOT send his heir to the Tudor Welsh stronghold of Pembroke Castle as might be expected; he send Arthur to Ludlow because that was the castle of the heir to England.
    Robert sending Stannis to Dragonstone instead of Storm's End is only an insult in Stannis' eyes. We only have Stannis' opinion that it was spite, But Robert did what Henry VII did - sent his heir not to the family stronghold but to the nation's stronghold - the seat of the heir of Westeros just as it had been for the Targaryen dynasty. Had Robert send Stannis to Storm's End and Renly to Dragonstone, the court might have wondered just which brother was Robert's intended heir. Stannis was not as wronged as he thought; Robert was doing everything in his power to cement the position of his dynasty, including Stannis.

  • Tracy Harris
    Tracy Harris  4 months ago +28

    Euron knows the secret to how to " magic a fleet out of nowhere."

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius  4 months ago +52

    I've always wondered why Ned only took 6 people to the TOJ. Thanks for this!

  • Arkantos
    Arkantos  4 months ago +16

    Ned opposed the killing of all children, not just Targaryens.
    He let the butchers boy go because it wasn't like Robert ordered it.

  • Vander
    Vander  4 months ago +24

    I was scared that this was an April fools joke but I am so glad it wasn’t

  • Ser Bowdster
    Ser Bowdster  4 months ago +13

    I always thought Ned knew more about what was going on. I admit it could have been just good acting by Sean bean but there were times when things were said or happened and Ned would have a look on his face like he knew what was to come back in winterfell before leaving with the king. Talks with cat, Rodrick, his brother benjin and when they found the dead stag and direwolf and finding the pups he seemed to look like he knew what it meant. Tinfoil we find out that every time he sharpened his sword by the wirewood tree he was actually conversing with bran.

  • Ellie Bron
    Ellie Bron  4 months ago +7

    Just wanna say, if you ever record audiobooks, I’d buy them all.

  • Ellen Behaney
    Ellen Behaney  4 months ago +28

    I have been waiting for this one..Thank you Robert

  • 「Pessimismo」神
    「Pessimismo」神  2 months ago +5

    drinking game: hit a shot every time this guy mispronounces Viserys' name

  • Jordan Jungman
    Jordan Jungman  4 months ago +10

    Your thumbnail also hints at something you didn't mention. like maybe him hearing brandon say father, plants in his mind that he should fake being the father to john snow.

  • Ivan Macias
    Ivan Macias  4 months ago +3

    Absolutely amazing deductions.

  • Your Wrong
    Your Wrong  4 months ago +6

    "and delivered a SHITLOAD of onions"

  • Karen Richmond
    Karen Richmond  4 months ago +13

    This is why I love you, Robert. Er, love your channel I mean. You take these small moments that the casual reader just takes for granted and really explore it. And the way you do it shows some real insight and wisdom into how the characters and people in general think. Very eye opening as always. Thank you for the great work.

  • tanner stokes
    tanner stokes  2 months ago +5

    Found you the other day. Already watched each video in this series, any chance you can let us know when yo expect the next video?