Anthony helps strangers find true love (Part 1)

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 19, 2018
  • A man reached out to me to ask for help finding his true love. I made it my mission to do just that.
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  • David Perez
    David Perez  a years ago +762

    Dude idk who is real and who is acting in these things

  • Xemmeryth
    Xemmeryth  28 days ago

    Ooh baby, don’t give me that shock button, I’ll shock you just to hear you scream 💕

  • lost cause
    lost cause  4 months ago

    Please make more of these! :)

  • Dial Tone
    Dial Tone  4 months ago

    Full on this gave me an ERIC ANDRE vibe. Experiment with this style more often, PLEASE!

  • J LR
    J LR  6 months ago

    That's cool, except that man is datable. Can you help me find love? That's the true challenge.

  • BluePrintAnimations
    BluePrintAnimations  6 months ago

    “I would rather meet someone in this under budget piece of sh**, then I have low expectations.” Hm. Sounds like Anthony without SMOSH. TOTALLY KIDDING!!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE ANTHONY

  • Papa Panget
    Papa Panget  7 months ago

    Dan looks like a respectable man I'm serious

  • Rayen Makovere
    Rayen Makovere  7 months ago

    Is this acting? 🤔

  • Kayze
    Kayze  7 months ago

    You woo'd me, Anthony.

  • Gorillarflicks
    Gorillarflicks  8 months ago

    is that the girl from the ladylike movie??

  • Gage Wendland
    Gage Wendland  8 months ago

    Not that it's a competition, but I like this more than SMOSH these days.

  • Bob 53
    Bob 53  8 months ago

    No love here

  • xoox
    xoox  9 months ago

    WTF is withe these views? Anthony is actually one of the OGs making original, great content. I don't understand.

  • FrozenFrosty
    FrozenFrosty  10 months ago

    this haircut is perfect would you bring it back

  • Radigcal
    Radigcal  10 months ago

    Your channel is what Smosh should be

  • Space Dan
    Space Dan  11 months ago

    Anthony vids are like sunny in Philadelphia comedy

  • TheBlueBros22
    TheBlueBros22  a years ago

    do a collab with ian hecox

  • TAD Lord
    TAD Lord  a years ago

    Anthony was made for Anthony

  • TAD Lord
    TAD Lord  a years ago

    Dear insert name,
    I can hear them getting wet from that alone

    UNsAINTED  a years ago

    2:23 made me laugh my guts out