Group Dance (Widows) | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 6

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 2, 2019
  • Thanks for watching my video! Please subscribe and hit the notification bell so you never miss an update on Dance Moms!Follow me on Instagram for daily updates! - is a clip from Season 8 Episode 6. Hope you enjoy!


  • Anisa Gigi BTS
    Anisa Gigi BTS  1 months ago +1319

    When i first watched the trailer, i thought that Lilly had a panic attack on stage, but actually it turns out she’s that good

  • Uni Everdeen
    Uni Everdeen  1 months ago +2401

    Dude lilly's facials are so good that in the trailer when I saw this I thought something bad had happened.

  • Kelly Hennessy
    Kelly Hennessy  1 months ago +2622

    I wish Brady just jumped out of the coffin 😂😂😂

  • AmberAlert Aldc
    AmberAlert Aldc  1 months ago +1024

    Wierd thought but like what if they all had the same husband and it's like a continuation of blush and bashfull

  • Ashley Fancher
    Ashley Fancher  1 months ago +1115

    I would have enjoyed this dance a lot more if it stayed sad and more like contemporary tbh. :/

  • Sarah Vlogs
    Sarah Vlogs  1 months ago +639

    Well if lily ever stops dancing she can be a actress when I saw the trailer I thought something was wrong but dang she’s amazing

  • Galaxy Aldc
    Galaxy Aldc  1 months ago +453

    Lilly and savanah we’re definitely the two strongest in this dance and imo on the team... but this was just offensive I can see why they lost

  • pudding and marshmallow
    pudding and marshmallow  1 months ago +822

    I think that the judges might have been offended (if they even got it). Especially if one of them had a loved one pass away, seeing them celebrating might have been offending.

  • Choko Moji
    Choko Moji  1 months ago +209

    2:37 I love how Lilly and Pressley are like jumping up and down and Lilly is saying "I'm not getting benched yayayayayayy!"
    And then the other kids at the back are like ".......what in the world"

  • Singers_visuals.06
    Singers_visuals.06  1 months ago +204

    I think the music transition ruined it for me. If it stayed slow and contemporary it would’ve been beautiful but idk the transition was weird 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • ALDC Central
    ALDC Central  1 months ago +371

    Ok was the talking at the beginning and wailing the music or the girls I thought it was the music but the rehearsals made me think otherwise

  • HeyItsAbby
    HeyItsAbby  1 months ago +598

    lily’s acting in this is insane, she should become an actress if dancing doesn’t work out for her 😂❤️
    small youtuber here btw!

  • Thomas Steven
    Thomas Steven  1 months ago +36

    Conspiracy Theory:
    This dance is a sequel to Blush and Bashful and the six wives who got married are happy the husband is dead and they are all free from that life (polygamy) and they are free to start their own lives

  • cash & maverick 5
    cash & maverick 5  1 months ago +64

    i think the judges didn’t get the story because they were screaming and struggling and sad at the beginning and suddenly it’s a circus😂

  • Dance moms Kiss Kiss
    Dance moms Kiss Kiss  1 months ago +42

    How did this not win it’s so interesting how it goes from classic to funky but I sorta wish Brady would’ve been the man and been like jumping out of the coffin and dude Lily’s faces were sooo good!

  • alizee vega
    alizee vega  1 months ago +26

    Lilly- im not getting benched!🥳
    Pressley- You're not getting benched 🥳

  • Ambzer Ambzer
    Ambzer Ambzer  1 months ago +14

    I don't get it, I was gonna say this is devastating, then it was upbeat jazz lol.
    And Lily's facials are way better than even "The Queen of face Maddie"

  • Sophia
    Sophia  1 months ago +48

    I was hoping Brady would come out of the coffin or something 🥺

  • GG BB
    GG BB  1 months ago +106

    It was good but tbh the yelling was cringe af

  • Miss Avery
    Miss Avery  1 months ago +70

    I love how excited Lilly was!!