I hate who I used to be (I don't)

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 3, 2018
  • 🚨CRINGE WARNING 🚨We're seeing how far I've come since I first started secretly uploading to this channel in 2005.
    PS: I don't actually hate who I used to be. I understand that every part of my life has been necessary for me to become the person I love today. My harsh comments are mostly satirical. Enjoy.

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  • AnthonyPadilla
    AnthonyPadilla  11 months ago +1612

    plz check the description

  • windmill ¿
    windmill ¿  7 days ago


  • Toasty Boi
    Toasty Boi  7 days ago

    He uploaded his first vid the year I was born😂😂

  • SparkleCakez
    SparkleCakez  14 days ago

    Guess Anthony has been watching a lot of Danny Gonzalez.....I mean, have you seen his recommendations? damn, good content creators watch good content.

  • jacky wallestad
    jacky wallestad  14 days ago

    Who hates him now more

  • Skunk Squad
    Skunk Squad  14 days ago

    4:46 woman at the background reminds me of ramona flowers

  • Rashawn Harper
    Rashawn Harper  21 days ago

    Haha jokes on u all my grandma's and grandpa's are dead

  • Andrew Rachal•
    Andrew Rachal•  28 days ago


  • Sarah Ashcraft
    Sarah Ashcraft  1 months ago

    Old Anthony is sooo much better god I hate your hair

  • Derpy Squirrell
    Derpy Squirrell  1 months ago +1

    R u Straight?

  • Rosie Hutson
    Rosie Hutson  1 months ago

    This was in the dan and phil section of my youtube wtf

  • Fear The Fro
    Fear The Fro  1 months ago

    “If we can read” 🤔... idk about that chief

  • Arr Ziz
    Arr Ziz  1 months ago

    7:21-7:34 I'm not too sure if he still does that sort of style of presenting but there is a Salvadoran YouTuber named 'Little Viejo' whose videos were filled w/that kind of humour. This is ~+3 yrs ago now and I honestly don't know how 'acting trends' catch on to non-English speaking YouTubers too well.

  • Brick Smashers
    Brick Smashers  1 months ago


  • Gaming Central
    Gaming Central  1 months ago

    tbh you look like a shoe

  • Taki Eddin
    Taki Eddin  1 months ago

    I used to dislike you, but now you seem cool. Good growth man.

  • RetroGameBlogger
    RetroGameBlogger  2 months ago


  • Namikaze Minato
    Namikaze Minato  2 months ago

    it's not cringey for me though... like,... at all. what I just see is innocent padilla, and mature padilla. both still good person. that the only thing that matter

    MAX GOFF  2 months ago

    2005 Anthony needs to chill out!!!!!

  • Naeya Dudeee
    Naeya Dudeee  2 months ago

    3:03 HAHA