Higher Brothers & BlocBoy JB - Let It Go (Official Music Video) (Prod. Falcons)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 10, 2018
  • Let It Go ft. Higher Brothers & BlocBoy JB
    Stream/download: https://88rising.lnk.to/LIG

    Special thanks to: Meechie & Toosi, Roy Purdy, The Lab Creative Arts Studio, Quick Style, Backpack Kid, Danrue & NickNPattiwhack, KidTheWiz, Aspect Zavi, Sinostage, Kinjaz, The Future Kingz

    Produced by Falcons

    Head In The Clouds by 88rising coming July 20th, 2018

    88rising Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival
    September 22, 2018 | Los Angeles State Historic Park
    Tickets: http://hive.co/l/hitcla

    88 Degrees & Rising North American Tour
    Tickets: http://88rising.com

    Higher Brothers

    Blocboy JB


    88 is double happiness


  • Bruh, they got elsa on the track?

  • Diexx Miguel  (Aug 7, 2018)

    ArSeNaL The Gamer where?

  • Djong Java  (Jul 30, 2018)

    because its LET IT GO

  • Mr. 폴  (Jul 10, 2018)

    2:05 lmfao My guy Joji is twerkin

  • Jariqueen  (Dec 7, 2018)

    nigga thicc af 😤

  • Greatland ofEscapism  (Nov 20, 2018)

    He twerks better than me

  • Felix Morales  (Jul 10, 2018)

    This Blockboy dude has been everywhere

  • Malachi Green  (Oct 7, 2018)

    +lol stfu

  • ZombieKing1  (Sep 22, 2018)

    lol stop hating bitch

  • Dat  (Jul 10, 2018)

    the scouter

  • JRDAN AJ  (Aug 30, 2018)

    Sauce walka shit

  • Shin Hyuga  (Jul 19, 2018)

    dat the new justin

  • Doctor Yizzle  (Jul 10, 2018)

    putting asians on the map for hip hop, lets go. ill get up there

  • +El Supremo And you only know how to be a racist troll.

  • Mucinex Pm  (Jul 30, 2018)

    They’re the higherbrothers they’ve been on the map, and rich Bryan, Keith ape, joji, the list goes on

  • KAAJ  (Jul 10, 2018)

    *_Lyrics_*[Verse 1]The snow glows white on the mountain tonightNot a footprint to be seenA kingdom of isolationAnd it looks like I'm the queenThe wind is howling like this swirling storm insideCouldn't keep it in, Heaven knows I've tried[Pre-Chorus 1]Don't let them in, don't let them seeBe the good girl you always have to beConceal, don't feel, don't let them knowWell, now they know![Chorus 1]Let it go, let it goCan't hold it back anymoreLet it go, let it goTurn away and slam the do...

  • Leo  (Jan 24, 2019)

    you little shit lmao

  • Cold Wasabi  (Jan 23, 2019)

    bodoe kewpssss

  • MA RK  (Jul 10, 2018)


  • haley  (Jul 14, 2018)

    Trevor Manning reported

  • Smeebo Smeebo  (Jul 10, 2018)

    sorry but did i just see joji twerk

  • Yes you did. But then again, he's done and you've probably seen him do way worse.

  • El Del Borgo  (Jul 10, 2018)

    Higher brothers better get some US radio time with this one

  • joel toves  (Nov 11, 2018)

    The only good songs on the radio is anything bruno mars but even that gets annoying

  • Kustom Denver  (Aug 5, 2018)

    .. said the Illuminati secret agent

  • Lun Hing  (Jul 10, 2018)

    Damn Roy purdy is lit

  • galogalgoalgaibalaoab  (Jan 24, 2019)

    +Moist Bread ikr

  • SK8 Frank  (Nov 24, 2018)

    Yep!!l like him