Is GOT's 'The Mountain' a Legit Strongman? | Joe Rogan and Robert Oberst

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 8, 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1321 w/Robert Oberst:


  • souldragon121
    souldragon121  2 hours ago

    maybe what joe meant by legit is is he 100% natural ie no steroids.....that's just 100% Norsemen genetics lol

  • S.Hyde4Life
    S.Hyde4Life  19 hours ago

    If the mountain whipped out his dick, slapped a baseball cap on it, and started talking to it he could have his own JRE podcast

  • A M
    A M  23 hours ago

    Is Peter Dinklage a midget for real, tho?
    Or is he just on his knees all the time?

  • Yian Pap
    Yian Pap  yesterday

    Come on, it's obvious Rogan has a man-crush on him. I mean look at his face when he hears Thor's full name: He's like ""whoa, how hot is that?!"" Lol, like little girls that want to play down their crush on a boy and say ""nah, he's not that good looking"", Joe says ""He's not legit, is he""? :)

  • Ivan Grimmi
    Ivan Grimmi  3 days ago

    I'm Icelandic ,and I have to say Robert was pretty close.

  • Odi Agam
    Odi Agam  4 days ago

    is joe rogan legit ?

  • sarthak chavan
    sarthak chavan  5 days ago

    Is joe rogan stupid or somethin?😂

  • Me 4
    Me 4  7 days ago

    I have Bel's palsy. It's a weakening of muscles in your face due to the nerve that controls them dying. You can never be 100% cured it's for life. You can take steroids to help stop it getting worse but the side effects from the roids are not worth the damage to the rest of body.

  • amateur AQUATICS
    amateur AQUATICS  a months ago

    BIG Z is the best strongman ever I'd say his full name but I cant spell it

  • Luke Outcold
    Luke Outcold  a months ago

    In other news, water is wet.

  • Andy Inwards
    Andy Inwards  a months ago

    Joe Rogan: former kickboxer, TV host, comedian, Actor, MMA commentator, podcast host

    Joe: “but is he legit?”

  • Ballistic ballista
    Ballistic ballista  a months ago

    Calm down everyone

  • prakash gaikwad
    prakash gaikwad  a months ago

    One such day where he asks stupid questions like this.
    How difficult is it to figure out if someone is legit when the person has won multiple competitions.?

  • Gabriel Melnik
    Gabriel Melnik  a months ago +163

    Mountain: top 5 strongest persons in the world for more than 5 years.

    Joe:Can he lift tho?

  • David Fischer
    David Fischer  a months ago

    i hate the fact that so many parts of the strongman world simply does not seem to appreciate or like hafthor, simply because he is not american or british like eddie lol.. so many people simply underestimate him, whereas his strength can be compared to brian shaw

  • TheMrbowtie26
    TheMrbowtie26  a months ago

    Devon Larrett Vs the mountain armwrestling. Gotta get this guy on.

  • Alejandro Sanchez
    Alejandro Sanchez  a months ago

    Joe being retarded

  • Shresth Pandey
    Shresth Pandey  a months ago

    He's losing breath just sitting there

  • ThatFatGuy98
    ThatFatGuy98  a months ago +12

    Joe: "is that Saitama guy really that strong?"

  • Aaron madazz Morgan
    Aaron madazz Morgan  a months ago

    With half the roided up meat head's out there today I understand where Rogan was coming from!💉💪