Can you CLICKBAIT this sentence? (YIAY #450)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 9, 2018
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  • jacksfilms
    jacksfilms  2 months ago +1808

    If you're on twitter, use #YIAYku when submitting your answers (I forgot to include the hashtag in the video)! If you're answering in the comments, well, you don't need a hashtag!

  • MooshPlayz
    MooshPlayz  7 hours ago

    Ok so this is late, but i have a great haiku:
    Bird flies through the sky
    Watch him soaring over us
    Splat! That stupid bird!

  • SealMomma
    SealMomma  yesterday

    How do I write Haikus
    Please help me write a Haiku
    Fortnite now costs 10 dollars

  • Rene B.
    Rene B.  yesterday

    ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants.
    Nat Nat.

  • Rene B.
    Rene B.  yesterday

    No no no no no
    No no no no
    No no no no no #yiayku

  • Babbe
    Babbe  2 days ago +1

    My wife took the kids
    But it is ok because
    I got skull-trouper

  • Crystal De FoX
    Crystal De FoX  3 days ago +2

    Can’t you smell that?
    AH! I think it’s a furry.
    Run out of space? Pfff-

  • Rodney Yun
    Rodney Yun  4 days ago +1

    your a second rate pewdiepie

  • Fabian Ufret
    Fabian Ufret  4 days ago

    What is his twitch name

  • Jeff Fatema
    Jeff Fatema  5 days ago

    #yiayky I have a haiku his name is cauiou once he kissed me then he hit me after that he became a brat all of this made us queasy and also cheesy cauiou died and never survived

  • alisha marie
    alisha marie  7 days ago

    He sounds like coach Steve

  • egap98
    egap98  10 days ago

    somebody once told me
    the world is gonna roll me
    not sharp tool in shed

  • Anna Cornelius
    Anna Cornelius  11 days ago


  • Pizza Rolls
    Pizza Rolls  12 days ago +1

    why did you put the dog next to the cooking instructions, are you going to eat the dog

  • Cassius Richardson

    He sounds like coach Steve big mouth

  • Ryan G-P
    Ryan G-P  14 days ago

    Today's video
    Was sponsored by blue apron
    They help you cook good

  • NoProblemCuber SRB

    Blablablabla sad stuff *voicecrack* DOG AIDS!!1!!1!1!1!!1!1!

  • lil potatoe
    lil potatoe  15 days ago

    My furry party
    Was so lit OMFG
    Wait this isn't Tik Tok?

  • Teen Anxt
    Teen Anxt  17 days ago +1

    More clickbait

  • Victoria Daniel
    Victoria Daniel  18 days ago

    I know how to clickbait a sentence just add