Can you CLICKBAIT this sentence? (YIAY #450)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 9, 2018
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  • jacksfilms  8 months ago

    If you're on twitter, use #YIAYku when submitting your answers (I forgot to include the hashtag in the video)! If you're answering in the comments, well, you don't need a hashtag!

  • Vice Point  19 days ago


  • Dalech72 Chalker  3 months ago

    Neat its you Stereotype 100

  • Snidbert  8 months ago

    "YIAY clickbait it 2 blue apron oct 2018" is my favorite jacksfilms video.

  • Heall0  8 months ago

    needs reminded that its sponsored by blue apron

  • CrAzYgIrL  8 months ago

    I didn't even read the notification properly. Huh

  • Draco TheGreat  8 months ago

    #YIAYku John Patrick DouglassYour parents are proud of youBut that's just a lie.

  • Noah S  8 months ago

    #YIAYkuI got seven likesOn the comment that I madeHow’s it not featured

  • Jaidyn Nguyen  7 months ago

    I will like this just to screw you over

  • Ibrahim Amin  7 months ago

    Someone copied myHaiku and got more likes tooI'm really pissed off

  • Zak Nabi  7 months ago

    Two broke college kidsCould not afford nice watches So they made their own

  • NotDave  6 days ago

    Ew fortshiter

  • Sprinkles Cat  8 months ago

    Hi I Am JacksfilmsYIAY live is twice every weekYIAY is once a month #YIAYhaiku

  • sinnefo aka  8 months ago

    oooof this hit hard 😂

  • Hiawkwardimdad  8 months ago

    YGS every Friday

  • AJ Baumeister  8 months ago

    The best president: Alexander Hamilton It did not end well#YIAYku

  • Keah  1 months ago


  • Emme Biggs  4 months ago

    Alexander was never a president search it up.

  • Aiden Skelly  8 months ago

    #YIAYkuShrek 5 is coming.It's gonna be so damn good.Shrek gets a divorce.

  • Let's make more moneyThe Emoji Movie 2Lets destroy the world

  • Africanna Grande  8 months ago

    1:50 hey thats me

  • Billix xillish  2 months ago

    @Bloons Boi it is 575

  • Bloons Boi  2 months ago

    @Africanna Grande 5 7 5 not 5 5 5