Top 10 Fastest Players of All Time | NFL Films

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 20, 2017
  • John Ross broke a combine record with his 4.22 second 40-yard dash. Will his NFL game speed compare with these players on NFL Films' top 10 fastest players of all time? Check it out!

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  • Music Man
    Music Man  yesterday

    Gale Sayers not in this? you guys are HORRIBLE!

  • Louis P.
    Louis P.  yesterday

    OJ????? Records = FACTS. All these guys are so great why haven’t they beat OJ’s records?

  • Eric Paredes
    Eric Paredes  2 days ago

    They are all black skined

  • Calin Brinley
    Calin Brinley  2 days ago

    Bout to turn this off just cuz Vick is 9!!! 9!?!?! That's a joke

  • Josh Martinez
    Josh Martinez  2 days ago

    22:20 All I could think about was “A HA HA”

  • Daniel Chao
    Daniel Chao  3 days ago

    Devin Hester! Hellooooo

  • Jason Strom
    Jason Strom  3 days ago +7

    You're not allowed to use Michael Vick in Madden in my house. That's cheatin!!!😂

  • Rashid Sundiata
    Rashid Sundiata  4 days ago

    Bob Hayes!

  • Aiden Doodledoo
    Aiden Doodledoo  4 days ago

    Jim Thorpe conversation over

  • Patrick Robertson
    Patrick Robertson  4 days ago +1

    List is wrong. Damn Marquise Goodwin ran a 4.17 combine time. Would dominate if he could just keep from being injured

  • Beno3000 J
    Beno3000 J  4 days ago

    Don Beebe? 4.21. ran like 90 yards to prevent a touchdown. Sorry Leon Lett

  • louis agrella
    louis agrella  4 days ago

    Devin Hester?wtf

  • Kevin Frazier
    Kevin Frazier  4 days ago

    Darryl Green???????????????????????

  • Kevin Frazier
    Kevin Frazier  4 days ago

    Dante Hall
    Tim Dwight

  • Nicholas Sobel
    Nicholas Sobel  4 days ago

    No Adrian Peterson????? Cmon now

  • vikingslayer34
    vikingslayer34  4 days ago +3

    Bo at #5? This list is crap. Bo was and always will be the fastest ever. EVER.

  • Tee M
    Tee M  4 days ago

    Good to know sway watched football at negative 2 years old and remembers cliff branch ....

  • Thomas Mathews
    Thomas Mathews  5 days ago +3

    D.Jackson #10 is the fastest in the NFL .

  • Syphah Phomma
    Syphah Phomma  5 days ago

    Bob hayes

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera  6 days ago

    Green is the fastest man in nfl history period.