Top 10 Fastest Players of All Time | NFL Films

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 20, 2017
  • John Ross broke a combine record with his 4.22 second 40-yard dash. Will his NFL game speed compare with these players on NFL Films' top 10 fastest players of all time? Check it out!

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  • Leo Manjaro
    Leo Manjaro  22 hours ago

    Hershel Walker was faster than most of the players u guys highlighted bias

  • Jordan Koga
    Jordan Koga  yesterday

    They do it now and tyreek has to be up there

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight  yesterday

    Herschel Walker, Ron brown, Rod Woodson, nehemiah..there are others

  • ThiccNickPlayz
    ThiccNickPlayz  yesterday

    If they made it now tyreek hill

  • Xthedolphin
    Xthedolphin  2 days ago

    ok but devin hester is the only player to be rated 100 in speed in madden

  • Jake Lund
    Jake Lund  2 days ago

    This list is awful.

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith  5 days ago

    Ted Ginn Jr?

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith  5 days ago +1

    Yes gonna Jr?

  • Justin Nardine
    Justin Nardine  7 days ago

    Brandon iron committed suicide earlier this year

  • Frank Pierce
    Frank Pierce  7 days ago

    Just lost all respect for nfl films

  • ToƱio Malo
    Toñio Malo  7 days ago

    Who else is wondering where Tyreek Hill is

  • Larry Zabel
    Larry Zabel  7 days ago

    How can people forget Adrian Peterson????

  • yesorlando05
    yesorlando05  7 days ago

    I just realized a pattern here. East Carolina, Virginia Tech, Ohio St., Colorado, Tennessee, Auburn, Marshall, Florida St., Florida A&M, Texas A&M/Kingsville. 8 of the 10 colleges represented here are in the South. And if you think about it, the region of the U.S. that has the most NFL players is the South in terms of the colleges attended and/or where the player grew up. I know the South is huge into youth/high school/college athletics like football/basketball/baseball, but I didn't really know it was to this degree. In reference to this list, I do think you HAVE to give the fastest player of all time the Bob Hayes. I mean, he's an Olympic gold medal sprinter AND an NFL Receiver with 3 Pro Bowls, a Super Bowl, and is in the NFL Hall of Fame. How in the heck can he not be #1?

  • Roland Harris
    Roland Harris  7 days ago

    desean jackson?

  • Gregory Hill
    Gregory Hill  7 days ago

    Don't forget Don Bebe

  • Milton Posey
    Milton Posey  7 days ago

    If any of the super oldschool players"olympians"were that fast than there records would have held up, but the records are constantly beaten, as the years pass, because athletes are bigger, stronger, faster, I mean really you here it all the time, put the ball in D. Sanders hands and let me see Bullet tackle him, or try and sack Vick with no blocker, they were tackle the man with the ball Champs, Carl Lewis was great, but Bolt is way faster, and I'm sure football is the same, most of the old players, looked like natural regular dudes compared to today's players, now if we're talking toughness, I'm sure most would be pre 90's.

  • Milton Posey
    Milton Posey  7 days ago

    I watched most of them, and Vick is only one that made teams change their D like"Jordan rules"before playing the Falcons, what was bullet Bobs 40 time, acceleration and speed are two different animals, and when you reach full speed instantly or you can continue to accelerate beyond 40 yards,thats why you see 4.3 guys getting burned, different levels of speed, and a straight line player is gonna get beat by a better athlete, speed, acceleration, and cone. Madden school.

  • Devin King
    Devin King  7 days ago

    Cj2k should be number one

  • Corny Gamers
    Corny Gamers  7 days ago


  • Jonah Miller
    Jonah Miller  14 days ago

    Modern players are way faster than this, in every position. fake top ten