11 Mysterious Videos That Cannot Be Explained

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 2, 2018
  • From last known sightings of people that disappeared mysteriously to inexplicable traffic accidents and ghostly sightings, we look at 11 mysterious videos that cannot be explained.
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  • Melinda Pelfrey
    Melinda Pelfrey  27 minutes ago

    The 2 vans was resolved on TV. It was a cable that was stretched across the road. Look it up.

  • Carmen Baby
    Carmen Baby  36 minutes ago

    moral of story: don’t go to hotels......

    or china

  • playboisofi •
    playboisofi •  2 hours ago

    10:50 that's Rick Sanchez

  • Danny Z Rudra Z
    Danny Z Rudra Z  2 hours ago

    Women is not possessed she is high on Flakka

  • jseventeenjs
    jseventeenjs  3 hours ago

    Im not watching just listening while reading comments 🙂

  • tobi rama
    tobi rama  6 hours ago

    Hey! I m behind u😊
    Don't worry

  • Carol Carney
    Carol Carney  10 hours ago

    I'll never, I mean NEVER, replace anything that falls off a shelf in a store!!!! Fuck THAT!!!!

  • j.d. di giusto
    j.d. di giusto  11 hours ago +1

    If you pause the video at 14:18 you can see that the hospital apparition has a sickly looking baby on his right shoulder, his ghostly-hand is supporting the infant. What a freak show the world has become! 👀

  • Lizzie Neils
    Lizzie Neils  yesterday

    The thing is if time travel was real surely if some one used it they’d brag about it right? We’d know about it.

  • Ana Sebas
    Ana Sebas  yesterday

    the bible says that there is a heaven, and that one day Jesus will come for his church, and Shows his power in that cloud, the bible says that at the end of time things are going to happen

  • 壮良ProShqipeZ
    壮良ProShqipeZ  yesterday

    Me: hah im joiningg deep weeb and none of those will happen
    Me:scrolls down on the deepweeb, and sees myself for 70% sale

  • 壮良ProShqipeZ
    壮良ProShqipeZ  yesterday

    . 🧢
    😤 this
    💪👕👍 is
    👖 bob
    👟👟 he is so strong and he will protect you!
    1 like - 100 more strength to bob

  • Good Son
    Good Son  yesterday

    why do folks find this amusing. must rather affect Ur sense of the unseen world if there is

  • KURD Epic
    KURD Epic  yesterday

    8:10 why is her hand like that

  • James Deviant
    James Deviant  yesterday +1

    Lol, surveillance cameras capture sounds now? hahaha

  • Pooran Prakash
    Pooran Prakash  yesterday +1

    the truck one was thug life 😂

  • Daniyal Epic
    Daniyal Epic  yesterday

    The seventh number(the elevator footage) i think she was playing the elavator game

  • Hannah Luistro
    Hannah Luistro  yesterday +1

    I looked at the comments because i am afraid of the vid.😂

  • ArchibaldBagge
    ArchibaldBagge  yesterday +1

    11 videos that can be explained.

    11 Lars Mittank - acute psychosis, may be drug related Brain damage from the head injury 
    he suffered when attacked. 
    Evidence of severe paranoia and agitation from Dr Kosta Kostov at the airport. 
    He ran when a uniformed airport employee entered the Drs office.

    10 It is not China since the prices are displayed in yen. It is so obviously staged to be laughable.

    9 Ghost escapes hotel room uploader’s identity is Turner Clay, an independent writer-director-editor with 
    several horror films to his credit this isn’t the only “ghost video he has released on YouTube. Fake.

    8 Documented hoax perpetrated by one Shane Sovar, the duty manager at the hotel in 
    Canada and coincidentally a UFO enthusiast.

    7 Elisa Lam An unfortunate case where a severely mentally ill girl ceased taking her medication and died 
    during an acute psychotic episode.

    6 Chinese Vans three cars at a busy intersection in Xingtai, Hebei A fallen cable wire had gotten 
    tangled up in the street cleaner vehicle visible to the right side of the screen, creating a tripwire.

    5 Man attempts to cross road, truck swerves to avoid him, man goes back to the side of the road.That is all.

    4 Someone who is only known as Ted who is apparently a police officer, waves a video camera 
    around and films what exactly? His friend in a horror mask at a window. 
    Why focus on a piece of newspaper? Oh because it just happens to be an article on the Delray witch.

    3 The Motorbike does not travel through the little girls head, if it is actually a little girl. 
    The film is too grainy to know for sure.

    2 All hospital operating theatres have 2 doors. A clean entry and an exit. Otherwise the person before you 
    would pass  you on their way to the recovery room. Which they don't. Obviously someone walks 
    by the door and exits. Why this makes them "dark and mysterious" is anyone's guess.

    1 City in the sky a rare type of mirage called Fata Morgana. It’s essentially an optical illusion caused by specific 
    weather conditions bending light rays.

    Sorry to spoil the fun.

    TYG FOE  yesterday +2

    4:13 Me and My cousin felt air come through our eyes when the ghost walked by