Glasses That Block The Internet

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018
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    Water Bridge:


    Sea Level:




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  • Benjamin Buxton
    Benjamin Buxton  2 months ago +30399

    Real life ad-block

  • Cody Shafer
    Cody Shafer  5 hours ago


  • Chaotic Entropy
    Chaotic Entropy  8 hours ago

    Buddy... just turn your fucking TV off...

  • Gamy Sampayo
    Gamy Sampayo  9 hours ago

    0:29 just looking at a black screen

  • James Kott
    James Kott  9 hours ago

    Daily dose of

  • I love Skyrider
    I love Skyrider  11 hours ago

    Internet has left the server.

  • truthmerchant1
    truthmerchant1  12 hours ago

    They live

  • banana ooh nana half of my heart is a banana

    I have never seen the machine where you can make a free scarf, but I travel each day to that exact station😮

  • Armandito E
    Armandito E  21 hours ago

    Most of my Highschool work is on my laptop

  • Mexican BongoCat
    Mexican BongoCat  23 hours ago

    1:30 why would you do that. It’s 4:18am

  • ThanksIfYourReadIt

    cuz electricity is not a magical material that moves over things, it is a concept to describe a tension pattern in matter.

  • Z1nG
    Z1nG  yesterday

    Why not just turn the TV off?

  • I_play _Games
    I_play _Games  yesterday

    Is there glasses that block out those haters OOOOOOHHHHH *DAB*

  • Mille Reese
    Mille Reese  yesterday

    To that guy watching tv there is this thing called turning off the tv

  • Mike Vaknansky
    Mike Vaknansky  yesterday

    Imagine giving your friend the glasses and he’s watching tv but he only hears the sound Lol 😂XD

  • Riotix / ARandomnub56

    water bridges? with the right amount of electricity we could make a waterbridge over the ground and put marine life in it

  • its elanee
    its elanee  2 days ago

    1:26 i remember Jesse planked jeana with that HAHA

  • Posh
    Posh  2 days ago

    1:34 the bolts of energy are giving the water structure?

  • DestielFandom 1
    DestielFandom 1  2 days ago

    Daily dose of Internetn't

  • Concord Boi
    Concord Boi  2 days ago

    So we just gon act like the dude at 0:31 didn’t put on the glasses then lay back on the couch like he was watching TV still