Treadnauts - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 17, 2018
  • Treadnauts launches 4-player tank brawls into the sky. Drive up all the walls! Rocket jump onto the roof! Shoot bullets out of the air! Move with style!!Treadnauts is available now! #TreadnautsSubscribe for more Nintendo fun! for all the latest! Nintendo on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: us on Pinterest:


  • Andrés Ksnv  10 months ago

    I developed an addiction of watching switch trailers

  • Andrés Ksnv  10 months ago

    8-Brit Generation I also heard some got grumpy and also other delusional because some still say Xbox is a good console and it's worth buying.

  • Andrés Ksnv  10 months ago

    PokemonTheFan 321456 Same (also the date when I bought a switch lel)

  • 1:17 ahhh... good ol smash meele mode...

  • Jimmy John Joe Jr.  10 months ago

    wii play tanks deluxe with new funky mode

  • Awesomaze  10 months ago

    *Melee Announcer voice* "BREAK THE TARGETS!" "READY.. GO!"

  • Sammy Dee  10 months ago

    *A NEWWWW RECORD!* (crowd goes wild)

  • Miyah Milon  10 months ago

    Awesomaze kukuygjgyh9sxgimh

  • Cardboard  10 months ago

    Tank you 😏

  • Jay Ferrel  10 months ago

    Peter Kazavis plz go kill urself

  • Peter Kazavis  10 months ago

    Man of Matt Tanks but no tanks

  • 420 subs?  10 months ago

    Good game so far I gotta say!

  • Chrust Gaming  10 months ago

    Ragdoll Tank Physics?Count me in!

  • Dino-T  10 months ago

    Not really ragdoll physics but okay

  • Shin Gai  10 months ago

    Ragtank physics

  • Abbreviated Reviews  10 months ago

    This game seems like it's exceptionally well suited for the Switch. My only hope is that there's cross platform with PC players online so I can play it against some more people. Might still pick it up regardless for the local multiplayer action though.

  • Flash020201  10 months ago

    This looks super interesting! Definitely props to the trailer team for music allignment. If the same amount of love was put into the trailer as the game, Im gonna have a great time.

  • Isaac Olime  10 months ago

    0:11 *360 NoScope*

  • Angelique Oropel  9 months ago

    He really wants that parking spot

  • Greeno Leeno  10 months ago

    Mlg is dead- Pyrocynical