Game Theory: FNAF STUMPED Me! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
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    The Five Nights at Freddy's series has been the rotten cheese on my pizza for long enough. I'm ready to say it - I GIVE UP! You win, Scott Cawthon. YOU. WIN. Your story makes no sense! And, boy, have I TRIED to make sense out of it. Today Loyal Theorists, I give UP!

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  • Domokos Bence
    Domokos Bence  3 months ago +54753

    Reddit user dpowerful1 might have solved the code:
    52 = 5 across 2 down = C
    39 = 3 across 9 down = A
    15 = 1 across 5 down = S
    7 2 = 7 across 2 down = S
    5+4=9 then the 3 = 9 across 3 down = I
    10 11 = 10 across 11 down = D
    8 11 = 8 across 11 down = Y
    Also, another Reddit user ChrisIIx have some confirmation that this might be the code. He said that on page 332 in The Fourth Closet book, the name Cassidy is being mentioned. I hope I helped, as well as these Reddit users. They did all the work, I just collected the info.

    • Ariana Alexander
      Ariana Alexander  5 days ago


    • So-duhh
      So-duhh  7 days ago

      Domokos Bence wow. i thought after a break i would check theese out and i realized my brain was NOT ready...

    • PRnumber1
      PRnumber1  2 months ago

      Domokos Bence I’m your last reply

    • Shenrarn Animations
      Shenrarn Animations  2 months ago

      hold up! a female possessing a male? that makes no sense!

    • Anna The animal lover
      Anna The animal lover  3 months ago +2

      Torcher 200 what

  • NetteyLegend Channel

    Rip ears Dabbing chica

  • Jstarks -Gaming
    Jstarks -Gaming  5 hours ago

    try doing that method with mike and crying child with golden and that word you got for the number

  • Brittany L
    Brittany L  7 hours ago

    SORRY FOR THE SPOILERS’s obvious that Golden freddy is baby’s his sister!

  • Nathan Loose
    Nathan Loose  8 hours ago

    Try using the tally only.

  • UnionPacific4014 & 844

    Who is your favorite five nights at Freddys characters?

  • The noobs
    The noobs  13 hours ago

    the girl with the blue eyes is spingtrap

  • Randyahya yahya
    Randyahya yahya  14 hours ago

    What if you reverse its me word

  • Lightning Mqcwin!
    Lightning Mqcwin!  16 hours ago

    It is Cassidy

  • Elizabeth Boudreaux

    Ahem charlie

  • Kitcat the great
    Kitcat the great  yesterday


  • no longer relevant

    Tmw you have to contend with even more purple people puking up rpbotic spaghetti in the middle of the streets

  • Angel Mabray
    Angel Mabray  yesterday

    try using the word self-reflection

  • Tigerlilly 1313
    Tigerlilly 1313  yesterday

    Has anyone put the tally marks into the crossword? Like they did with the numbers to get golden Freddie's name.

  • Regan the Gamer English

    Actually, if you like UCN you should play it but try not to play fnaf 6 just for fun because its still the same, not cute.

  • KKASHISH Bhola
    KKASHISH Bhola  yesterday

    Glfisu it can be it

  • genoswap gaming
    genoswap gaming  yesterday

    Golden Freddy is the securoty guy from fnaf one...he gets killed on night four. He is stuffed in extra golden Freddy suit and the its me is him telling you that its him...the phone guy....I always thought everyone knew that..we never hear from him again...he was killed...he had foxy at the door and he wanted us to send a search team to check the other empty suit.....I'm or Only going to get yelled at or someone will have already solved it..but yea....I always assumed it was the poor soul of the first security guard who shows you the ropes...

  • Krazycow Gaming
    Krazycow Gaming  yesterday


  • Marmaduke Mangle
    Marmaduke Mangle  2 days ago

    it is golden Freddy!!!!!

  • Robert DeLapp
    Robert DeLapp  3 days ago +1

    It's me is the clue

    • Robert DeLapp
      Robert DeLapp  3 days ago

      It may be crying childsnsoul taking on golden freddy

    • Robert DeLapp
      Robert DeLapp  3 days ago

      It may be William Afton or someone Mike knows or should recognize because it keeps saying its me