Grocery Shopping with Homeless Lady!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  a years ago +378

    Tour merch now available @ ❤️

  • Ryan Needle
    Ryan Needle  a years ago +1232

    You gotta rent a bus and pick up as many homeless people as you can🤣

  • Ry TheGuy
    Ry TheGuy  a years ago +418

    After seeing her on Brennan Taylor’s channel I definitely got a shady prostitute vibe from her and I’m fairly positive that dude in her tent was a client lmao

  • Qw3rt
    Qw3rt  9 months ago +118

    Danny:what’s his name again?
    Camera man:Denis
    Danny: F U C K Y O U D E N I S

  • Ethan Emery
    Ethan Emery  a years ago +188

    Guys is is just me but the guy working at the good will store at the cash register... 8:44 also in the Dollar Tree... 11:43 ???????? iluminate

    KLOE AND LILY  7 months ago +64

    kim is a lucky homeless person

  • 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Isn’t that the homeless lady from brennen Taylor’s channel

  • Michael Cordero
    Michael Cordero  10 months ago +54

    0:32 that was MysticGotJokes and his gf lmao

  • Jayla Richard
    Jayla Richard  1 months ago +8

    Why does Kim friend have on a crop top

  • Chloe Labrie
    Chloe Labrie  a years ago +41

    Danny u should try to talk to Brenen Taylor if u know him so u can tell him that u found Kim and she is out of jail.

  • Lemme Just
    Lemme Just  11 months ago +11

    “It smells like death in here.”

  • livn'Like larry
    livn'Like larry  7 months ago +18

    Kim said "what can someone want in a dollar store" in brennens video

  • Adrienne Garcia
    Adrienne Garcia  14 days ago +6

    "He's definitely getting cancer" 😭

  • Naomi D
    Naomi D  a years ago +21

    Give Kim back to Brennen

  • B C
    B C  a years ago +23

    She from Brennen Taylor's channel

  • Fara Brooke
    Fara Brooke  a years ago +359

    even though you have 1.5 million subscribers, I feel like you're still underrated

  • internet abuser
    internet abuser  2 months ago +7

    5:11 Hampton mothafucking Brandon

  • Yãn K
    Yãn K  7 days ago +1

    Bro why you got a exclamation mark at the end of the title in every video????

  • Nathaniel Théorêt
    Nathaniel Théorêt  7 months ago +28

    2:05 Bottom right corner

  • Braedyn Hansen
    Braedyn Hansen  a years ago +5

    Danny gotta get some more Kerch everything basically sold out