Air Force warns against Area 51 raid

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019
  • Air Force warns against Area 51 raid.


  • Joseph Steaphens
    Joseph Steaphens  34 minutes ago

    They will shoot you dead for attempted to enter a restricted area.🖕🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Janno JJ
    Janno JJ  39 minutes ago +1


  • Striker 209
    Striker 209  55 minutes ago

    I'm going to get gordan Ramseys lamb sauce

  • Alpha C
    Alpha C  an hour ago

    Ok, heres the deal, if people get shot trying to storm area 51, then the americans are gonna get more mad, so if the government doesnt want people turning against them, they better do this strategically with the least casualties, at 0, to prevent anger. If they just shoot any person that tries, soon people will storm for revenge, so this might be a worse situation unless everyone thinks it thri for the fun not really to raid. Just go enjoy the concerts, itll be fine anywho

  • Dirt Alone
    Dirt Alone  an hour ago

    Airstrikes won’t be the case, because the amount of people are relatively high but arrests might be a lot.

  • Alpha C
    Alpha C  an hour ago

    The people serious in this are gonna wait till after the commotion dies down, so air force keep that guard up, cause the minute u dont Ur fellow Americans might just try. But seriously, people are already getting arrested, careful out there folks, just dont, though enjoy the concerts

  • Alpha C
    Alpha C  an hour ago

    If even a million people showed up to storm, then the situation might get interesting...

  • Alpha C
    Alpha C  an hour ago

    I dunno if its aliens, but theres something sketchy for that much security. I mean, the US Air force base allows visitors, area 51, no

  • GlockWiseSB
    GlockWiseSB  an hour ago

    How would this french fried libby faggot know the rifle is fully automatic?!

  • bowlweevil
    bowlweevil  an hour ago

    these dumb bastards that crossed the line have to be demoncraps, they think the law doesn't apply to them, LOCK E'M UP,  LMAO!

  • Paul Judd
    Paul Judd  an hour ago


  • Ade Larsen
    Ade Larsen  an hour ago

    Anything that George Knapp touches is most likely bullshit.

  • Trent Davidson
    Trent Davidson  an hour ago

    Tax dollars hard at work

  • Andrew
    Andrew  2 hours ago

    This is what our world is coming too. Kill me now

    ARCSTREAMS  2 hours ago

    no publish date for this video?

  • Sand. exe
    Sand. exe  2 hours ago

    It's OK we have diamond armour enchanted and potions to keep us healthy

  • TwoBarBills
    TwoBarBills  2 hours ago

    Dat nigga look like nigel thornberry hahahahhahahahahha

  • Staffie Blue
    Staffie Blue  3 hours ago +1

    It's just ridiculous for anyone to suggest that Denis Ryan (the tour driver), didn't know he'd driven almost a mile beyond the 'Keep Out' signs. He did the same tour, along the same track, several times a week for over four years. Nobody could ever convince me that even if distracted, Ryan didn't know what he'd done. He knew every shrub, every bush, and every bend in the track. It's amazing what some people will resort to in order to get their 15 minutes of fame. Still, kudos to Denis Ryan for achieving his!

  • Juana Pimentel
    Juana Pimentel  3 hours ago

    I want to go there because my socks are there

  • Herr Hitler
    Herr Hitler  3 hours ago

    Lets raid Pissrael and stop them from killing Palestenian kids.