How Scammers in China Manipulate Amazon

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 17, 2018
  • Chinese sellers resort to a wide range of cunning techniques to manipulate product listings on Amazon and boost sales. WSJ’s Jon Emont investigates their strategies and explains how consumers can detect sham listings. Image: Crystal Tai. Video: Clément Bürge/WSJ

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  • Uranus Planet
    Uranus Planet  11 hours ago

    So many loop holes made some millions of $. You should always look for them as soon as you can the earlier the better and take advantage of it right away

  • Andrew Vu
    Andrew Vu  15 hours ago

    I only buy products that are sold directly from amazon. I don’t trust any other sellers

  • Jacynda Minor
    Jacynda Minor  2 days ago


  • The First Oregonism

    Quick solution would be to have an option that allows you to remove all products from or made in china.

  • Jeoni Tao
    Jeoni Tao  6 days ago

    Lol, subtitle for the Chinese guy and not the Israeli dude

  • Nature King
    Nature King  7 days ago

    When i now started shopping online i used to buy stuff from china,i don't waste my time on their products no more,even the chinese said it themselves ''cheap thing no good!& good thing no cheap''

    MANU3L TAPIA III  7 days ago

    China where you dont want to be your basically a puppet to the country n idgaf you aint controlling me. USA even thoe i know we aint much better.

    TAYLOR 'D  7 days ago

    Scammers also sell products on eBay & amazon to steal your bank information. One of the ways to tell is by the reviews. Most are fake with a sprinkle real reviews

  • Frito Lahey
    Frito Lahey  14 days ago

    Dirty deeds, Done dirt cheap.

  • Alex
    Alex  14 days ago

    This article made me feels really disgusted!!! Chinese has no morals.. It's all about the money for them!!

  • Bae
    Bae  14 days ago +1

    It's not just Amazon, every big company allows scammers to get away as long as they help bringing customers and make profit. They just don't care about customers.

  • Tim Monta
    Tim Monta  14 days ago

    Chinese are true cheaters when comes to business. Is part of the culture and the business negotiations. No wonder their own Amazon is called Alibaba (and the 40 thiefs).

  • publius ovidius
    publius ovidius  14 days ago

    lol. So Rupert Murdoch's WSJ is going after Trump's enemy Besos.

    Why WSJ under Murdoch is toxic garbage.

  • A K
    A K  14 days ago

    I love the subtle racism of this video

  • Texas baby ktea
    Texas baby ktea  14 days ago

    Hoverboards are so stupid and I'm glad they were only popular for a short time.

  • Kist Kristi
    Kist Kristi  14 days ago +5

    The unapologetic USA racism towards Asia in 2019 (and since the beginning with Native Americans (who have DNA from Asia) is UNACCEPTABLE. Wall Street Journal should be ASHAMED of their headline. Just because entrepreneurs from China are able to work the system does not mean they are scammers.

  • jose perez
    jose perez  14 days ago


  • Mr Wiseman
    Mr Wiseman  14 days ago +2

    My cousin got a mail saying she got $500 amazon coupon. When clicked the link, it took her to AMAZ0N.COM (THATS A ZERO NOT AN O)
    Fortunately shes didnt remember he login and password..

  • Justin Moore
    Justin Moore  14 days ago

    Excellent... feed my children. Soon you will be here to finally liberate me from the thought police.

  • Alex Hoo
    Alex Hoo  21 days ago +1

    Amazon is toxic. Buy elsewhere.