Tornadoes - World's Greatest Home Videos

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 1, 2016
  • This is a historical record of some of the greatest home video tornadoes. Learn about the power and magnitude of some of the greatest tornadoes ever caught on camera.


  • Mark Harrison
    Mark Harrison  11 hours ago

    Women are so fucking stupid Screaming and shit Fucking stupid

  • Benny Hill
    Benny Hill  15 hours ago

    Bunch of idiots

  • Benny Hill
    Benny Hill  15 hours ago

    Don't this people have something else better to do than watch a tornado come right at you

  • No Info
    No Info  yesterday

    This video probably needs a viewer discretion advisory because having to watch the video of the people who had to actually hide as the tornado ripped at the building they were at and hearing them scream for mercy was a tad bit unnerving

  • Barbara Schulz
    Barbara Schulz  yesterday

    Australian= FAKED

  • Michael Coulter
    Michael Coulter  2 days ago

    We live in Arizona and have several very intense Dust Devils pass close to or hit our property. On one occasion one hit our barn tore the roof off rafters a all and placed the roof in our neighbors front yard inches from his home. His home was approx 100 ft from the original location of our barn .no injuries we were very lucky !

  • Kathy Wolf
    Kathy Wolf  3 days ago

    Awww hell no! I've never watched tornado clips. Got as far as my screen going black and people screaming. No way. I'll never fall asleep now.

  • Richard Centkowski

    That guy in the truck was stupid. He was very lucky

  • Seth B
    Seth B  5 days ago +1

    About time them Missourians started paying attention to tornado warnings and sirens . People who think its never going to happen to them tend to have higher death rates .

  • KeepitKute
    KeepitKute  6 days ago

    Excellent video but my anxiety is high as hell


    Susan git in my pants

  • marlenejojo1
    marlenejojo1  7 days ago

    That guy in suv "Don't really know what to do cept maybe duck down" Uh you do know that thing can pick up your car and toss it miles right? lol Lucky

  • Amanda Walsh
    Amanda Walsh  7 days ago

    So what happened to the guy that didn't move??

  • John Goguen
    John Goguen  7 days ago

    If I was in a beer cooler and a f-5 was coming I would be drinking a ice cold beer and I don't drink!!

  • John Goguen
    John Goguen  7 days ago

    Can you imagine the controllers that were looking at a f-5 and couldn't leave

  • Sskrt 56
    Sskrt 56  7 days ago

    How can this mothefucker not inlcuds the biggest tornado in the whole history , El Reno tornado ?

  • XxRubyWolfxX 90
    XxRubyWolfxX 90  7 days ago

    Me and my fam were in Kentucky and we were stopping at a gas station and we started getting hit bad with wind and we saw wind twirling and we didn’t know we were in a tornado and the whole roof tore off the Walmart and other places too

  • Chris Perks
    Chris Perks  14 days ago

    Love the guy at 2:45 casually saying "I got struck" (by lightning) Keeps filming tornado

    Also 16:52 - I'm not sure if they're scared of the giant bee they've suddenly been trapped in there with, or the tornado

  • Breadman
    Breadman  14 days ago

    "Is this gonna save us?"
    "HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!"

    Honestly though these videos are amazing, It's just so goddamn scary.

  • Joey Gilmore
    Joey Gilmore  21 days ago

    Brave guy backs his truck up under an overpass to film what could have possibly been his death😂