Tornadoes - World's Greatest Home Videos

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 1, 2016
  • This is a historical record of some of the greatest home video tornadoes. Learn about the power and magnitude of some of the greatest tornadoes ever caught on camera.


  • Blank Dragyn  2 years ago

    If the tornado looks like it's standing still, it's most likely heading towards you

  • Djb917 B  18 hours ago

    @projectdelta50 Ty for repeating what 30 other people said.

  • projectdelta50  yesterday

    if it looks like its growing larger and standing still it could be coming for you, getting smaller and standing still, could mean away from you but not always

  • Wahn Yoon  11 months ago

    "Susan get my pants!" best moment of dialogue in a tornado vid ever.

  • angel marie  20 days ago

    Wahn Yoon yesssss 😂😂😂

  • Reeble Snarfle  20 days ago

    That will teach him to wear underwear!

  • TheoneGodfather  3 months ago

    Wife - What did you do all day while I was at work?Me - Uh, binge watched tornado videos on YouTube.

  • Violent J 1975  yesterday

    Im watchin them while my girls past out on my arm lol

  • Michael Godsey  5 days ago

    OR, what'd you do while AT work???  Binge watched tornado videos on YouTube. Soooo addicting! lol

  • PsyintZ  1 years ago

    Who the hell gets struck by lightning and just says... "oh, I got struck" and then keeps on filming? That guy is a savage.And speaking of savages, some of these people have massive balls to just stand there next to windows in the middle of a tornado, just to catch some good footage. As much as I appreciate them potentially sacrificing themselves so I can sit in my comfy chair and watch them almost die, I kinda wish they'd be a little smarter when it comes to protecting themselves. Either wa...

  • Cindi Barton  8 days ago

    no one

  • TED ROSE  9 days ago

    "....that guy is SAVAGE"... I was with you 100% until you said the guy was savage. I could've used a good number of words that began with the letter S but Savage would not have been one of them!

  • MizzKQ  8 months ago

    “Susan get my pants”!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 omg that is the best and most truest response to a tornado ever!!!!!!

  • He had pooped in the pair he was currently wearing. LOL!

  • anna cipher  2 years ago

    not gonna lie but the one with the guys in the beer coolers made me teary eyed

  • Joseph Astier  23 days ago

    That was Joplin in 2011.

  • Khataroo  1 years ago

    If you don't know which way a tornado is going, it is coming towards you.

  • Candice Honeycutt  11 days ago

    John John Most of the chasers have a Doppler radar with them and they can see where the actual storm is moving

  • John John  2 months ago

    Any time I watch a storm chaser video 90% of the time I can't tell what so ever what direction it's going or how close it actually is to the chasers. Granted I'm seeing it through a camera lense so there's only so much I can tell but it always seems like they know exactly what it's doing. I guess it comes with experience but that's one field I will be happy to stay ignorant in.

  • medicinegone  2 years ago

    The guy in the truck; there was no way that tornado was going to pick up him or his vehicle, due to the weight of the man's gigantic balls.

  • hilham 89  2 months ago

    @13randon 13axter he didn't have big balls, he was just plain stupid. He thought it would miss him but not only did it not miss him his wife was killed and it got him pretty bad as well. I would say the man in the truck won do to atleast he moved to whete he thought it would be safe. Unlike that idiot where you cpuld see it getting closer to him and stayed to video it.

  • hilham 89  2 months ago

    @Robert Racy where not talking about the on that was playung in front of a vacuum cleaner, we was talking about the one that hid under the bridge in his truck.

  • Nubian Cush  2 years ago

    "I love everyone man"

  • b3j8  2 months ago

    The sound of the Joplin tornado all but covered the screams of people practically right next to the guy w/the phone! I don't care what cute remarks people make, anybody would've been scared in that cooler!

  • Jolena Nussel  6 months ago

    @金3 A.M. try living through the Joplin tornado! It was the most terrifying thing ever

  • oats n. toast  3 months ago

    4:41 "Susan, get my pants."--"I gotta tell this tornader ta git off the lawn."

  • Mike S  2 days ago


  • Mike  5 days ago