The History Of Smosh | A Brief History

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 17, 2018
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    YouTube has been around for 13 years now, and so many creators have come and gone. But one of the earliest channels to find major success on YouTube was Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla's, "Smosh."
    In today's episode of "A Brief History" we take a look at how Smosh went from a simple pre-YouTube website to become one of YouTube's most successful and long lasting channels!

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  • シM٠K
    シM٠K  3 days ago

    Its 11 minuts

  • Badfish Arias
    Badfish Arias  7 days ago

    5:47 those five new guys are not fucking funny

  • Fazio
    Fazio  7 days ago

    Smosh is sadly gone, it can boast 25m subs now but it's barely any growth. It's mostly just Buzzfeed type of content now

  • Supler per
    Supler per  14 days ago


  • Best Girl Nyx
    Best Girl Nyx  21 days ago

    14 years!!

  • Steven Mercedes Corporan

    I miss the shut up beginning

  • sh Park
    sh Park  28 days ago

    Can you make brief history about

  • NoMercii 187
    NoMercii 187  a months ago

    So like smosh the movie came out on my birthday. Just thought I’d share that ;)

  • Ewi ck
    Ewi ck  a months ago +1

    In the lipsinking parts look at the door 😏

  • Unknown 159
    Unknown 159  a months ago +1

    Anthony did left but he still help in some videos

  • The Kicker Podcast
    The Kicker Podcast  a months ago +1

    Then Defy Media died

  • Sea Bass
    Sea Bass  a months ago +1

    Name a more iconic duo I’ll wait

    Ian and Anthony

  • Rene Valdez
    Rene Valdez  a months ago

    I was born in 2010 July 30th

  • Jasmine Rabah
    Jasmine Rabah  a months ago +1

    Are you sure this isn't the history of tiktok?

  • Panda hunter
    Panda hunter  a months ago

    I was born on the same day smosh the YouTube channel was born

  • Dilly Mackey
    Dilly Mackey  2 months ago +3

    Mythical Entertainment finally acquired Smosh on February of 2019.

  • Ninjay 204
    Ninjay 204  2 months ago

    I only know of you from that domics hypothetical video, and I still haven't watched ur video on him

  • Jackivision
    Jackivision  2 months ago +1

    *Defy Media enters the chat*

  • Red Book
    Red Book  2 months ago +1


  • Night Tiger Gaming
    Night Tiger Gaming  2 months ago +1

    Good but you missed everything about defy