Top 10 Greatest NHL Stanley Cup Raises of All-Time

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
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  • mattiik  9 months ago

    And after twenty-two years...RAYMOND BOURQUE

  • Eugene Mis  9 months ago

    I’m not crying I swear it’s just allergies

  • Conquerer13  9 months ago

    That Sakic calls for Bourque as soon as he touches the cup, doesn't even lift it and hands it straight to him, as if it's his only concern in that moment, gets me every time.

  • Rst28  19 days ago

    You kidding me.. where's the Kleenex..

  • Epic Rage Gaming  20 days ago

    the entire season was about getting ray the cup. sakic told the team they have to finish first and guarantee home ice advantage. they won the presidents trophy, sakic was the mvp and he finished second in points to jagr with 54 goals and 118 points. it was a really really special season.

  • TestoKeijo 69  9 months ago

    Oh man.. watching again how Ovie throws the Cup over his head you can truly see the effort he has put into this game. I love this sport. ❤️

  • Peter  21 days ago

    MrYouarethecancer bruh ur just another bandwagon pens fan. U know nothing about hockey clearly. Ovi and Crosby are definitely in the top 10 all time, and anyone that says they aren’t can go jump off a cliff cuz they are wrong. Get ur head outta ur fat ass and pls only say stuff if u know what u r talking about

  • #1 pens fan  1 months ago

    I hate the capitals but they worked hard for it and he deserves it

  • Ed0n  9 months ago

    I still get chills from the Ray Bourque one and I'm not even an Avalanche fan

  • patron40silver  18 days ago

    @Dirk Diggler If you take out the " you idiot", I agree. Why do you have to call them names?

  • Alex Fuller  2 months ago

    I im a Leafs Fan but my favorite Moments as a hockey fan my favorite

  • harveyknox  2 days ago

    Where to put the Blues on this list? I'd think certainly above Brind'Amour dancing around.

  • Rob Nepinak  yesterday

    No NFL, NBA or MLB will ever compare to the Stanley cup when it comes to emotion and the emotional celebrations.

  • Kevin Parks  9 months ago

    Just another reason why hockey is the best sport on the planet... God loves you Hockey...

  • Gav Ryan  2 days ago

    I cried when the Alex Ovechkin raised it. I was so happy for him

  • sakic19rules  9 months ago

    There is just something about the Bourque winning, not sure if it the whole build up or the way Sakic buts Bourque ahead of everyone else, classy and unforgetable moment indeed