Top 10 Greatest NHL Stanley Cup Raises of All-Time

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
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  • Conquerer13
    Conquerer13  11 months ago +464

    That Sakic calls for Bourque as soon as he touches the cup, doesn't even lift it and hands it straight to him, as if it's his only concern in that moment, gets me every time.

  • TestoKeijo 69
    TestoKeijo 69  11 months ago +692

    Oh man.. watching again how Ovie throws the Cup over his head you can truly see the effort he has put into this game. I love this sport. ❤️

  • Ed0n
    Ed0n  11 months ago +591

    I still get chills from the Ray Bourque one and I'm not even an Avalanche fan

  • mattiik
    mattiik  11 months ago +241

    And after twenty-two years...RAYMOND BOURQUE

  • Eugene Mis
    Eugene Mis  11 months ago +226

    I’m not crying I swear it’s just allergies

  • Davis Turner
    Davis Turner  4 months ago +75

    What a captain Sakic was. Not even an Avalanche fan but the way he hands it to bourque was amazing. Not caring for himself but his team and assistant captain. Good leader

  • Bordzy
    Bordzy  11 months ago +324

    Ovi lifting up the cup is my favourite moment in sports history!

  • anonimuso
    anonimuso  11 months ago +113

    That Bourque one always gets me in my feels...

  • Kevin Parks
    Kevin Parks  11 months ago +81

    Just another reason why hockey is the best sport on the planet... God loves you Hockey...

  • FatLikeKessel
    FatLikeKessel  9 months ago +33

    Teemu should have at least been an honorable mention!

  • Edward NYR
    Edward NYR  4 months ago +25

    After 22 years,RAYMOND BOURQUE
    “Alex Ovechkin,it’s your honor.Come on up.”
    “Captain Mark Messier,come lift the Stanley Cup”
    “Steve Yzerman,Lets do it again”
    Those situations get me every time.They will last a lifetime.

  • BongoCat YT
    BongoCat YT  2 months ago +10

    Reupload and put I Alex pietrangelo

  • Michael Kec
    Michael Kec  4 months ago +26

    And this is why the Stanley cup is better then the World Series, NBA finals, and Superbowl

  • Poe Javelski
    Poe Javelski  11 months ago +107

    What software did you use to edit out all the booing?

  • GregoCatal
    GregoCatal  4 months ago +22

    The greatest and most underrrated thing about the Stanley Cup is that YOUR name goes on it for eternity. Not in the NBA. Not in the NFL. Not in MLB. Only the NHL makes you really and truly feel like this 32-lb massive silver trophy is worth all the heartache and pain for you to win it. Your family name is on the Cup for all eternity. If that isn't sports immortality, I don't what else is.

  • Simple Gorilla
    Simple Gorilla  2 months ago +17

    I cried when the Alex Ovechkin raised it. I was so happy for him

  • TheDCGuitar13
    TheDCGuitar13  11 months ago +76

    Ovi holding the cup with backstrom is a memory that will last a lifetime. Even though they’re not done yet.😏

  • vik saggu
    vik saggu  4 months ago +12

    One day Vancouver, one day

  • sakic19rules
    sakic19rules  11 months ago +23

    There is just something about the Bourque winning, not sure if it the whole build up or the way Sakic buts Bourque ahead of everyone else, classy and unforgetable moment indeed

  • Cody Heimbach
    Cody Heimbach  11 months ago +214

    Honestly, Konstantinov in the wheelchair should've been number one. Not taking anything away from Bourque or his undoubtedly great moment, he was a phenomenal player who 100% deserved a Stanley Cup. The thing is, we've seen great players go to contenders as one last ditch effort to get a Cup. It isn't anything new. Show me one other time that a team won a Cup, lost a teammate due to a horrific accident, then won it again the next year just so they could put it in his lap while he's sitting in a wheelchair. One of the greatest moments in NHL history.