Celebrities Getting Offended

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 14, 2019
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  • Salty 2.0
    Salty 2.0  1 months ago +618

    The Most Honest Celebrity Responses That Make You LOL: https://www.facebook.com/163513131002140/videos/1174396402684474/

  • Channy Lee
    Channy Lee  1 months ago +12574

    CORRECT TITLE : interviewers being disrespectful. Dont make it seem like the celebrities are the low ones here

  • miss
    miss  1 months ago +1974

    I love Rihanna’s come backs 😂 or is it clap backs they say 🤔

  • M. K. Ultra Kid
    M. K. Ultra Kid  1 months ago +524

    The one with Sandra Bullock and Matt Lauer was so awkward, especially since Lauer had a button on his desk to lock his door while he sexually harrassed coworkers.

  • Adalys Diaz
    Adalys Diaz  1 months ago +776

    “Are you trying to fit into a cat suit” dead 💀 😂😂😂

  • Gus Vieira
    Gus Vieira  1 months ago +490

    "Sandra Bullock, come back more often"

  • Amanda Eck
    Amanda Eck  1 months ago +8196

    Britney was 17 at the time, let that sink in.

  • Poras Srivastava
    Poras Srivastava  1 months ago +804

    The James Franco interview is a spoof for 'the interview'

  • Samuel Herbert
    Samuel Herbert  1 months ago +526

    "wow how disappointing was that question?"
    Glorious response

  • meri
    meri  1 months ago +514

    correct title: interviewers being disrespectful to actors and outright misogynistic towards actresses

  • MadHatterx
    MadHatterx  1 months ago +356

    and that's why matt lauer got fired for sexual harassment

  • lmaocat
    lmaocat  1 months ago +7190

    Can we just stop asking celebrities about their sex life and sexuality, unless they bring it up it shouldn't be talked about. So many of them look so uncomfortable by questions like this.

  • Stefano Gomez
    Stefano Gomez  1 months ago +452

    Sandra Bullock seemed remarkably disgusted & uncomfortable by Matt Lauer.

  • S1500
    S1500  1 months ago +338

    Funny to see Mila Kunis talk her native Russian. She's the All American Girl on That 70s show.

  • BingoBongo
    BingoBongo  1 months ago +255

    I am actually impressed how professional the celebrities acted.

  • random shit
    random shit  1 months ago +274

    The Justin Bieber one, I really think that it was pretty offending to Harry too...

  • Bryanna Amiah
    Bryanna Amiah  1 months ago +5206

    Celebrities being sexually harassed for 18 minutes:

  • Ja Ca
    Ja Ca  1 months ago +436

    you look very tan very tropical
    rashida: oh well, you know, im ethnic LMAO

  • issa phae
    issa phae  1 months ago +624

    hayley williams: hi-
    interviewer: wHEn yOu LAst OrGAsM?!?

  • Kuro
    Kuro  1 months ago +601

    Lmfao Robert Downey jr is just like “nah this ain’t it chief”