Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 explained

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 13, 2019
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  • Exquisite Elephant  2 months ago

    Who else is glad that we still have the books to read.

  • whatwhat3432523  1 months ago

    @Brian Whitt Most people i know are regular TV series fans, but some are book readers.. I have yet to meet someone who liked season 8 at all, and all character-arcs was tossed in the toilet. Game of Thrones was reduced to shit, even though i actually liked the footage, acting and effects. The only people i have seen on the internet liking the show, are people who think they have huge brains for seeing the obvious lousy foreshadowing with no depth to it. Especially on Dany`s part. She could have been an...

  • Nemspy  2 months ago

    @SOL what didn't make sense about it?

  • Jen S  2 months ago

    I just realized that Varys was likely trying to have Daenerys poisoned. "We'll try again at supper" 😳😳 went right over my head lol

  • Tesla  2 months ago

    RG it would've been much much better if they went down the route you suggested, what about the Night king? Share your thoughts on how they could've closed that better my friend

  • Tesla  2 months ago

    RG someone hire this man!

  • Jack Burton  2 months ago

    Daenerys should've eaten a Snickers Bar. She not herself when she's hungry.

  • Terell Chapman  1 months ago

    Jack Burton naw she ate a snicker bar before burning down kings landing

  • Madcat4301  2 months ago

    Was her Starbucks latte poisoned too? Most likely.

  • Furious One  2 months ago

    I'd buy the books on tape if you narrated.

  • Christopher Snow  2 months ago

    @Jeff MabryA Song of Fire and Ice narrator, if it's the same guy, needed to stop making Tyrion's voice so fucking shrill. I had to take a refund on it, I just couldn't stand having that sound in my ears.

  • Randon Ceccoli  2 months ago

    The classic narrarator sounds like hes on the final sentence of a fillibuster.. And hammered. Hate that guys voice, love this guys.

  • JoeTheLion60  2 months ago

    Episode 4 - highly accurate no-scope 3/3 arrow dragon shootingEpisode 5 - 1,000 Stevie Wonders man the Scorpions

  • jon b  2 months ago

    episode 4 , Range suitable for the speed the turrets can track , unaware non maneuvering target. Episode 5 , close range actively maneuvering target shrug, its a story not a historical documentary , no worse than the stormtrooper aim of the first 3 star wars for sure.

  • Andy B  2 months ago

    Well they were blinded by the sun so the Stevie Wonder joke is fitting.

  • AK Raq  2 months ago

    The ultimate winner of episode 5 was Sansa. Everyone she hated in kings landing died, and everything she expected about Daenerys was proven right.

  • kdkseven  2 months ago

    @Shane Hurst - Well that's a bit dramatic. And not at all true.

  • aboleyn24  2 months ago

    "Cersei tiptoes away" is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. Perfection.

  • Jason Jensen  2 months ago

    I'd have gone with slinks off.

  • Gina O  2 months ago

    Arya and the Hounds farewell was my favourite part of the episode. When he put his hand on the back of her head and looks in her eyes, she looked 10 years younger: it was tiny season 1 Arya looking up with her huge eyes. And it was like so much of her hardening up was undone. It was so sweet.

  • WonderWeezul  2 months ago

    @theronstang possibly... lots of things are possible, but it will never sit well due to it being so poorly executed and the writing Arya kills NK because it "felt right" to the writers rather than Jon.Arya then doesnt want to kill one of the first names on her list when she is literally a few rooms away because the writers wanted to have a favourite character stumbling through the chaotic streets.D&D have confessed their own reasons have caused these near unanimously disappointing scenes ...

  • theronstang  2 months ago

    @WonderWeezul I don't think the Hound would have stopped her if the castle was falling all over around them. That's not what they expected. Once it was realized that it was coming down, that changed things.

  • YouSurf 2  2 months ago

    4 words.... JORAH would NOT approve.

  • YouSurf  2 months ago

    @Jori Bremer HE SURE WAS Jori... but part of me makes me think she was just biding her time and holding back when Jorah was doing such mentoring, but planned for more devastation... It is really funny to read online how many DANY apologists there are. In reality, it is truly alarming that so many can be so blind.

  • YouSurf  2 months ago

    @Fortune Mak3r Really... WE ALL HAVE POTENTIAL to go whack and KILL PEOPLE, regardless of one, two or 700,000 people... innocent people??? WTF. You do realize that what you are saying is WE ARE ALL PSYCHOPATHS... OMG. WOW. PS: I do not have such violent potential.. More well grounded and such. WOW.

  • Mike Lowenberg  2 months ago

    Sam to Bran in S8 Ep1: Should we tell Jon about his real parentage?Bran (w/ the ability to see into the future and S8 Ep5): Absolutely!

  • A G N O M I N A  2 months ago

    Mike Lowenberg to be “fair,” Bran _lives mostly in the past now._

  • Mike Lowenberg  2 months ago