I Ordered USED Nintendo Switch Games From Gamestop... This Is What They Sent Me

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 29, 2019
  • Gamestop Nintendo Switch Games from their website. I bought 10 Nintendo Switch games from Game Stop, traded in Switch games so I knew it was a gamble. I DO NOT recommend. Join Dollar Shave Club today and get this exclusive deal at https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/beatemups TODAY!

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  • BeatEmUps
    BeatEmUps  11 months ago +741

    So... it didn't really work out the way I wanted. I can't recommend buying used Switch games from Gamestop's website unless you really don't care about the cases πŸ˜ͺ What do you guys think? Do you have any similar online buying experiences? THANKS FOR WATCHING YOU SEXY BEASTS!

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  • RyguyAlpha
    RyguyAlpha  3 hours ago

    I took a gamble on their buy 2 get one free deal, and so far I got one with a generic case. Not happy and I should have know better.

  • Elliott W
    Elliott W  3 hours ago

    The only reason I buy from gamestop and not best buy, amazon, or ebay is because of some random crazy sales they have. Sometimes they dont come in a case but Im not vain enough to care. When I can get 4 basically new games for the price of 2 just cause they were returned, Ill take that deal any day of the week

  • Geoff Guthrie
    Geoff Guthrie  yesterday

    The only way to buy it and guarantee a case is to go to the store? Ummm, to guarantee it, I buy exclusively not at GameStop. I wish there was an online marketplace where I could buy things, using photos, and at least almost guarantee I get a case... Does anyonE know of a Buying plAce like this for mY purchases?

  • Megha Dhanani
    Megha Dhanani  yesterday

    And I want it

  • Skylar Golden
    Skylar Golden  2 days ago

    Tbh since I'm not a collector or have the space for lots of cases I'd probably be fine if they didn't come with the proper case

  • DoomRaiderGaming
    DoomRaiderGaming  2 days ago

    Why don’t you by the case art on eBay for like $1.00

  • KelticEdge
    KelticEdge  2 days ago

    Theres a gamestop 2miles away from me and then half a mile away from that is gamestop in our mall

  • hansendesigns
    hansendesigns  3 days ago

    Case Priorities Askew, do the games work?

  • Geekymom
    Geekymom  3 days ago

    Heck I went to gamestop trying to get a used copy for skyrim and all of the came in that stupid gamestop box i was like ugh ok fine i'll buy a new copy than a guy in the other check out was trying to get a used switch game same thing stupid gamestop case I think if it doesn't come with the original case gamestop shouldn't buy it because ppl are selling the empty cases on ebay

  • Annika Brooks
    Annika Brooks  3 days ago

    Beatemups is the best YouTube channel of all time!!!!! If you have Disney+ Wach the mandolorian

  • Annika Brooks
    Annika Brooks  3 days ago +1

    I love your channel!!!!!!!!! Please make some more videos about your girlfriend buying you weird Nintendo Switch accessories

  • Yigael Default
    Yigael Default  4 days ago

    That was a really good ad how you went from maken the video then ad cool

  • jossey dude
    jossey dude  5 days ago

    Am I just stupid or something I feel like this guy had a lazy eye

  • Casey O'Brien
    Casey O'Brien  6 days ago

    I ordered a rebutbusher DSi XL when Gabe stop had then on sale 40 and the device pristine

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    ————  6 days ago


  • jeremy scott
    jeremy scott  7 days ago

    Ask if they got a case in the store a lot of them will just give it to you

  • Local Man
    Local Man  7 days ago

    I once accidentally bought front mission 3 for psone on ebay, and didn't realise it didn't have a case. I still have it in the plastic wallet because no one wants a game without a case, so never sold it on.

    Also I would not buy 2nd hand games online, unless I could see the condition of the exact version I was buying. They totally would have sent the none-case versions to you to get rid of them.

  • Amanda Taubler
    Amanda Taubler  7 days ago

    You have 7 days to return preowned games for any reason