Spears are better than swords: scientific proof

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 23, 2018
  • The spear was the most common weapon in ancient battles. There was a reason: spears work. Here, we try out spears against a variety of foes.Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LindybeigeThe longer version of this video, with more commentary from Matt Easton and me, and all of all 65 bouts is here: https://youtu.be/afqhBODc_8UThanks to Matt Easton for inviting me to Fight Camp 2018. Thanks also to my cameraman Alex Abdolwahabi, and to all those who participated. No one was hurt, unless you count injuries to pride.Buy the music - the music played at the end of my videos is now available here: https://lindybeige.bandcamp.com/track...More weapons and armour videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...Lindybeige: a channel of archaeology, ancient and medieval warfare, rants, swing dance, travelogues, evolution, and whatever else occurs to me to make.▼ Follow me...Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lindybeige I may have some drivel to contribute to the Twittersphere, plus you get notice of uploads.Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Lindybeige (it's a 'page' and now seems to be working).Google+: "google.com/+lindybeige"website: http://www.LloydianAspects.co.uk http://www.youtube.com/user/"Lindybeige"


  • Candy Values  3 months ago

    It took me 12 minutes to realise this experiment was an excuse for them to play like children

  • Duolingo Owl  3 days ago

    Candy Values How is this playing like children? This is all historical.

  • Firdaus Azmi  4 days ago

    It's a good, healthy, safe sport. Why not? I'd like to join in

  • Both are trash compared to a trebuchet

  • sexypants1234  14 days ago

    or an AK-47

  • Cosmin Stoian  14 days ago

    underrated comment loool xD

  • Eno  3 months ago

    If someone is using a greatsword in a battle, you don't send another greatsword to take him out.Exactly. You shoot him with a bow.

  • Master Blaster  6 hours ago

    Navi Gator there are arrows literally designed to penetrate armor there wasn’t always one kind of arrow to fire

  • Utente di Youtube if I have a bow and you have a trebuchet, I win 100% of the time. Unless you catch me asleep, and get 8 hours to aim off a shot....so, 70% of the time..

  • Greg Scoggin  2 months ago

    What I learned from this video: HEMA practitioners get _really_ good at pretending to be wounded and falling down.

  • Andrew Kiluk  12 days ago

    It's like watching soccer.

  • Deathbrewer  26 days ago

    Same with Revolutionary or Civil War re-enactors, lol. My uncle used to be one and we'd go watch sometimes :D

  • Rasmus Johansson  5 months ago

    The virgin sword army vs. the chad Macedonian Phalanx

  • Seamus McFlanery  22 days ago

    The virgin Macedonian Phalanx vs the chad Roman Manipular Formation.

  • Michael Smith  24 days ago

    I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure I learned about the Roman Empire and not some Pyrrhic Empire.

  • Thewaltham  5 months ago

    11:48 "Yoohoo motherf*ckers!" Dead. I'm dead. Rip me.

  • matthew hurley  a months ago

    sword man used Taunt!

  • Oscillator  1 months ago

    The ol' northern warcry.

  • manbeastx69  5 months ago

    SHIELD WALL!!!!!!!!!

  • Arkajyoti Jha  1 months ago

    "Why is it always the groin!?"- Every spearman killed by a sword

  • VacuousMango  3 months ago

    Probably why inexperienced peasant levy were just given a sharp stick

  • Dave F  1 months ago

    Hahaha "good point"

  • Encircle  1 months ago

    Good point

  • vic ferg  5 months ago