An Idiot's Guide to the Mercedes G500

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 29, 2017
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  • iLupi
    iLupi  a years ago +1117

    Next week: I bought a G500 and plan on LS Swapping it.

  • Quirks and Features
    Quirks and Features  a years ago +207

    I found the cheapest gold Dubsta in Los Santos

  • ibehustlin
    ibehustlin  a years ago +171

    I bet a Kardashian got fuked in there

  • Jerrypintoswe
    Jerrypintoswe  a years ago +373


  • Karl Karstens
    Karl Karstens  a years ago +285

    Dunno why I love the look of these so much -,-

  • TheGucci
    TheGucci  a years ago +188

    rents a 35k 12 year old g wagon with 3 malfunctions and first thing he does is take it off-roading lmao

  • Koji Takata
    Koji Takata  a years ago +324

    The G-Class is something you love & hate at the same time. My favorite part of it is when the central lock unlocks or locks.

  • gorgborg
    gorgborg  a years ago +177

    what's the dougscore on this bad boy?

  • James Ward
    James Ward  a years ago +255

    Most excellent music.

  • José Alexandre Pereira
    José Alexandre Pereira  a years ago +132

    Hoovie just got an e36 m3 cabrio. Go check his Instagram. He is going to have to sell his house...

  • George Lupercio
    George Lupercio  a years ago +34

    The Mercedes G-Wagen, treated as part of the family by Russian mobsters everywhere.

  • Unregistered User
    Unregistered User  a years ago +195

    Do I need to to be in the mafia or a rapper to own this ?

  • kcats77
    kcats77  a years ago +20

    I bought the cheapest G500 in the country!!!! calling it now

  • TheTarrMan
    TheTarrMan  a years ago +67

    I hit the like button.

  • Jason Dailey
    Jason Dailey  a years ago +46

    My 2006 E350 has had the following electrical issues: Tele-aid malfunction, traction control malfunction, cruise control malfunction, and turn signal malfunction. I didn’t take it in for any of these issues, they all resolved themselves...

  • Imran Buniatzadeh
    Imran Buniatzadeh  a years ago +46

    I still have my 2002 G500 V8 and its complicated.One day I think of selling it,the other day I can not stop driving.(On high speed its barely controllable).

  • Matthew Potter
    Matthew Potter  a years ago +22

    Anyone else notice Beever Liquors... brilliant

  • Jake Cassidy
    Jake Cassidy  a years ago +30

    What's with buying old Russian mafia vehicles?

  • Anon1993
    Anon1993  a years ago +79

    0:45 You have a tumor on your neck btw

  • compactc9
    compactc9  a years ago +7

    I'm honestly one of those people who would rather drive a large, body on frame, V8 powered SUV as my daily driver. That makes this one of the only Mercedes that I really like, but who knows if I'll ever buy one.