An Idiot's Guide to the Mercedes G500

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 29, 2017
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  • I found the cheapest gold Dubsta in Los Santos

  • I love gta;)

  • repairdrive  8 months ago

    Throw some dollar sign rims on it.

  • iLupi  1 years ago

    Next week: I bought a G500 and plan on LS Swapping it.

  • If you can LS swap these i would definitely buy one

  • xDrifz  8 months ago

    You cant just slap the M113K kompressor on the M113, because it has a different compression, also, lots of wiring, intercoolers.

  • Karl Karstens  1 years ago

    Dunno why I love the look of these so much -,-

  • Jack Z  8 months ago

    EAT DREAMS gangsters and celebrities all love Toyota Alphard

  • Jack Z  8 months ago

    Karl Karstens idk why it looks ugly as hell

  • ibehustlin  1 years ago

    I bet a Kardashian got fuked in there

  • Borris Müller  1 months ago

    Bunny Biedenharn ouch

  • Bunny Biedenharn  1 months ago

    Considering it's a rental, and considering that Kardashians turn up all sorts of places where NOBODY WANTS THEM (like Nantucket, where one's presence temporarily suppressed property values, until it went back to LA where it belonged), it's not unlikely that some sort of smelly synthetic lube was used on one Kardashian or another, in that ugly silver G.

  • Koji Takata  1 years ago

    The G-Class is something you love & hate at the same time. My favorite part of it is when the central lock unlocks or locks.

  • Aleksandr Kamarov  7 months ago

    I love their ruggedness but hate their association with braindead celebrities. For this reason I'd rather take some other V8 BoF SUV like a Land Cruiser.

  • wert78as  1 years ago

    Koji Takata morning

  • TheGucci  1 years ago

    rents a 35k 12 year old g wagon with 3 malfunctions and first thing he does is take it off-roading lmao

  • Offroading is usually not allowed with any rental cars ! And those are new. Old ones forget it.

  • SmOgER  1 years ago

    Light bulb burned out - maltfunction. Agreed, defo this needs to be parked and the Mercedes specialist flown out of Germaniiia.

  • George Lupercio  1 years ago

    The Mercedes G-Wagen, treated as part of the family by Russian mobsters everywhere.

  • Jerrypintoswe  1 years ago


  • Marcus Nolte Trifft den Nagel auf den Kopf !

  • B A  1 years ago

    Jerrypintoswe Fahrfrompoopen...

  • James Ward  1 years ago

    Most excellent music.

  • Tadgh Collins  1 years ago

    found the name of the song after a while of looking. excellent for sure.... (SYNTH FUNK - Jamiroquai & Bruno Mars Type 80s Funky Nu Disco Beat | 80er Retro Wave Instru Music) is the name of the song. without the brackets

  • King Galfrid  1 years ago

    Synth Funk - Aries Beats!

  • gorgborg  1 years ago

    what's the dougscore on this bad boy?

  • Borris Müller  3 months ago


  • Kzero  1 years ago

    55 I think