Britain's Got Talent 2018 Finals And The Winner Is Announced Full S12E18

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
  • #TonyPatrony


  • The Master Of Games
    The Master Of Games  a minute ago

    That’s bull just cause he’s disabled doesn’t mean anything he didn’t deserve the money he was the worst act.

  • Nike Niky
    Nike Niky  17 hours ago

    Giang brothers is the best

  • Magnificent Fedora

    Lost voice guy is good but personally its just cringey watching him drool rip

    XD SJEFEN  yesterday

    Fake 100% shit season. All set up.

  • Carolyn Lighthart

    l i hope the d day darlings do performer for HM the queen as this was her war too

  • HDsharp
    HDsharp  2 days ago

    everyone saying the brothers should have one, but all they do is perform one trick, right? its limited.

  • maku shangkam seiyao

    The winner should have been. 1 the lost voice guy.2 giant brothers.3 griwynn

  • lili Garcia
    lili Garcia  2 days ago

    Enserio no se lo que les pasa,hablando mal de una persona con problemas,se deberían sentir felices que haya ganado alguien quién nadie creería que podía hacerlo😣😒

  • tuklaping
    tuklaping  2 days ago

    winner has no talent... anybody could have recorded/programmed the jokes... he was used just to get sympathy.

  • Naw Paw
    Naw Paw  2 days ago +1

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you brother ( lost voice guy) God bless you!

  • The Just Dance God

    This is rigged! How could that UGLY guy win BGT!!!

  • Guli Parpieva
    Guli Parpieva  4 days ago

    its rigged this time the Judges fixed the winner instead of peoples vote! you can clearly see and feel that all people voted for giang brothers, show is boring without honest votes and results

  • Liam Holton
    Liam Holton  5 days ago

    What really hurts is the fact that Lost Voice Guy, with no real talent, went and robbed at least 10 far more deserving acts of the win.

  • Love Supertani
    Love Supertani  5 days ago

    0;32 mongolia???

  • Britany Townsend
    Britany Townsend  6 days ago

    I loved the lost voice guy he was funny

  • 歉污藷毛汝杲日 歉污藷毛汝杲日


  • Natureza Animal
    Natureza Animal  7 days ago

    Jack e tim deveria ganhar.

  • Bella Grace
    Bella Grace  7 days ago

    It almost made me cry tears of joy when Lost Voice Guy won, I couldn't stop smiling and his reaction was so beautiful! So happy that he won!

  • Wedebat Meret
    Wedebat Meret  8 days ago

    Ging breathers

  • Barbara Duff
    Barbara Duff  8 days ago

    Calum should have won!!Don't give up Calum,I'm sure the Queen is sorry too!!!