Britain's Got Talent 2018 Finals And The Winner Is Announced Full S12E18

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
  • #TonyPatrony


  • Menma Uzumaki  1 years ago

    Giang Brother take the 1st place in my heart. Respect you ❤

  • Trump supporter  5 days ago

    Communist cannot win

  • Mei Sarah  2 months ago

    They will never give the winner to the foreigner .

  • Byron Thompson  1 months ago

    The winner is Dec for managing to host without his buddy.

  • Banana Boy  1 months ago

    Byron Thompson yes that's what I mean and ok

  • Byron Thompson  1 months ago

    @Banana BoyIf you mean Ant's car crash then yeah

  • Cheyenne Brennan  3 months ago

    Tad awkward when Dec offers the mic to a man who can't speak...

  • Cheyenne Brennan  1 months ago

    @Justin Destroyer I'm so sorry. That's absolutely not what I meant. Just that, because of his condition, Lee hasn't been able to speak for his entire life and Dec must have had a momentary lapse of memory as he held the microphone out to him, then slowly drew it away again. No malicious intent whatsoever.

  • Justin Destroyer  1 months ago

    Cheyenne Brennan U are kinda rude.. the way u say “A MAN WHO CANT SPEAK” is kinda rude.. cuz u say that like nothing has happened

  • Kristine Dreyer  2 months ago

    You can tell Dec is NOT the same without Ant :(

  • Teddy  1 months ago

    Is ant.Okay

  • etn girl  2 months ago

    Ik good thing that hes back

  • Voolerie YouTube  1 years ago

    I guess I’m the only one that wanted Donchez to win.. lol

  • I wanted him to win

  • Mr AMA  11 days ago

    Shocked donchez didn't even get 2nd

  • Sammy Markoe  2 months ago

    I believe lost voice guy did a great job, but by god when it comes down to comedy Robert was a better comedian which made me wish he won. Props to lost voice guy none the less.

  • Voldemort's Nipple  23 days ago

    @TFG DriLLexd Britain

  • TFG DriLLexd  23 days ago

    Voldemort's Nipple USA or Britain?

  • Pilot rnk  yesterday

    How giang brothers was eliminated? 😥😥😥😥Damn

  • Megan Smith  10 months ago

    I mean, don’t you have a little sympathy for lost voice guy, he deserved this by far and all of you may make him feel bad by saying giang brothers should win, 1. It’s Britain’s got talent 2. The lost voice guy, this may be his only opportunity he’s ever had to showcase his talent 3. He deserved the win, the public loved him 4. Please just be happy for him, things happen but I truly believe he should have won 5. He’s happier than all of you, and he can’t ever speak, proud of you

  • Makayla Randle  2 months ago

    I mean look at what he has been through in life it must be very hard for him sometimes and I think that he does deserve it as he is happy and never goves up i am so so so sooooo pround of him and i am happy to have him in the world xxxxxxxx

  • Ayuub Farah  4 months ago

    im not trying to be disrespectful but dont you care about the other finalists? they worked hard too you know!

  • Diamonds Jena’  3 days ago

    I can’t believe the giang brothers was out , like I was so shoookk!!😧😧

  • Danny Di Nunzio  1 years ago

    for sure Jack and Tim, should have won.

  • Gary max  2 months ago

    But they didn't.SO💔💔

  • I have Baguettes  3 months ago

    Danny Di Nunzio Agreed