Oregon women win DMR at 2019 NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 17, 2019
  • The Oregon women's team won the 2019 Distance Medley Relay championship at the 2019 NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championship. Watch the full race, replays and post-race interview.

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  • Kevin K.
    Kevin K.  15 hours ago

    Some of you are confused about the importance of the 400 and 800 mts mattering to the race. Even though both are not great time generators... they do afford, as we see in this race as Oregon came back from next to last to 3rd place in the 400, that even the shortest leg is as big a benefit as the time generating longer ones.

  • Carole M
    Carole M  2 days ago

    Why do they have two different groups when they first start?

  • agetori77
    agetori77  2 days ago

    number second?

  • lumpy368 wrath
    lumpy368 wrath  5 days ago

    The male commentator doesn't know what he is talking about when he says 400 and 800 legs have no real impact. What a piece of trash he is to say that. He obviously isn't a runner. I would like to see him say that to the runners' faces. I bet he wouldn't dare.

  • Miryam Hernandez
    Miryam Hernandez  7 days ago

    She’s so humble....very awesome....hulk fan all the way

  • Christer Berg
    Christer Berg  14 days ago

    Hey there "NCAA Championships," how about NOT putting the result in the headline of the video, for us who'd like to watch it and not know in advance? Just label it the name of the actual event and race, please.

  • draco bane
    draco bane  21 days ago

    the commentators must be having a bad day...
    go...DUCKIES...nice race ladies...
    and she is right! JH does need to run closer to the inner line,
    she does leave room to pass her there...

  • Chai Xiong
    Chai Xiong  28 days ago +1

    They run so smooth..amazing!

  • Hk S
    Hk S  a months ago +1

    Wow! It's so beautiful to observe these women! :) So strong and determint!

  • tenaciousturtle
    tenaciousturtle  a months ago

    bro if i was in this race i would do so well i would just chase the CAKES in front me....GOD DAYUM

  • Ani Jp
    Ani Jp  a months ago

    Ah no Real Runners lol these kitties look like they're Running in slow motion 🤣🤣🤣at least they cutie's lmfao

  • Brian Driscoll
    Brian Driscoll  a months ago

    I think what really should be mentioned is the new world record of saying "you know". Seven times in just 21 seconds!!! See for yourself, min. 14:04-14:25

  • Andrea Ratkovic
    Andrea Ratkovic  a months ago

    No Oklahoma Sooners in ANY distance events. So sad☹️. OK State first leg spent SO much time in second lane. Pass or not, but don’t run extra! 3rd leg from Oregon showed how it’s done. Patience and passed on the straight.

  • ryan magnuson
    ryan magnuson  a months ago +1

    Go Ducks

  • kurtis howard
    kurtis howard  a months ago +14

    She's cute in a cartoonish way. Voice is really squeaky and her eyes are massive and bright.

  • zabaleta
    zabaleta  a months ago +1

    Beautiful young slippys.

  • Lawrence Westby
    Lawrence Westby  a months ago +54

    The Oregon 800 runner ran sub 2:02 and made up at least 30 meters. You are not going to tell me that the 800 leg doesn't matter.

  • Giggitee O'Yeah
    Giggitee O'Yeah  a months ago

    Slower than a crippled 13year old boy. "Those hips are made for birthin, that is what they'll do, one of these days them hips are gonna birth all over you" (to Boots are made for walkin')

  • Eddie0z
    Eddie0z  a months ago +3

    8:32 #12 has killer running form

  • Ken Powers
    Ken Powers  a months ago +4

    Why do they all look like midgets?