Punched Out: The Rise and Fall of Derek Boogaard [Full Version] | The New York Times

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 13, 2014
  • Derek Boogaard was one of the N.H.L.'s most feared fighters before overdosing on May 13, 2011. The New York Times examined the life and death of the professional hockey player in 2011.

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    Punched Out: The Rise and Fall of Derek Boogaard [Full Version] | The New York Times


  • Niki Oliver
    Niki Oliver  8 hours ago

    So barbaric... why so violent 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Anna Kcmb
    Anna Kcmb  11 hours ago

    dont allow fighting,,,, then why let him be a nhl player...poor guy. nhl has to take responsiblity... look for the signs and give them a pension. stop being so cheap.

  • Robert Fitch
    Robert Fitch  5 days ago

    Sad, sad stories.

  • canuckeh!
    canuckeh!  7 days ago

    Shame on the people and organizations that encourage this , disgusting . RIP DEREK

  • sherpaderp dingo
    sherpaderp dingo  7 days ago

    This is competitive hockey. If you have a problem with it, pit your kids in ringette

  • personalsafetykam

    We don't allow fighting......Tale of the Tape chyron appears as fight breaks out.

  • ace9213
    ace9213  14 days ago

    These pain killers need to be banned. I lost my aunt to prescription pain killers. Please just legalize marijuana so people with chronic pain can take safe medicine. While it still isn't good for you, it is 1000x better than addictive pills.

  • Reed Tardio
    Reed Tardio  14 days ago

    his family just cared about the money.

  • tree rat76
    tree rat76  14 days ago +1

    Getting traded is part of hockey. This doc is a hit job by the times it's a voilt game you know it when you sign up

  • tree rat76
    tree rat76  14 days ago

    He know want he signed up for

  • Daniel Dugan
    Daniel Dugan  14 days ago

    Very sad.

  • Jonathan Côté
    Jonathan Côté  14 days ago

    there are three types of hockey players that got that fans adulation : top scorers, #1 goaltender and the enforcer, if you watch 2003-2004 tampa bay team, Andre Roy got as much fan applause than Lecavalier, St-Louis or Brad Richards

  • Mika Lind
    Mika Lind  14 days ago

    Not thinking consecutive punches is gonna change a persons brain, is willful ignorance.

  • Richie Sull
    Richie Sull  14 days ago

    Ice Guardians is a program to watch. 👍🏻

  • Chip IS POWDER COATING charles brann

    This is a sad story his father isnt at fault i mean how could anyone really know. I hate to admit it but maybe fighting has to go.

  • TheDCGuitar13
    TheDCGuitar13  21 days ago

    This is why I worry about guys like reeves and Wilson. The amount of times they fight is ridiculous.

  • Jodie Ilene
    Jodie Ilene  21 days ago

    So very sad. Today players know what they are facing. But the fame, money, and under developed brain make for bad choices.

  • The Map Maker
    The Map Maker  21 days ago

    Being tough and throwing punches turns out to be not that smart.

  • Tiktok King
    Tiktok King  21 days ago

    Ay I live in British Columbia

  • zettle 234
    zettle 234  a months ago +1

    In Boxing they call it being "punch drunk", if you ever saw Mohamid Ali in the 80's you know exactly what it is.