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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018


  • Cinna
    Cinna  9 minutes ago

    When will it be here? I have been waiting forever for this it feels like

  • N L
    N L  25 minutes ago

    From just looking at the sponsors, please don’t directly/indirectly get political or relate anything to politics. Conaco and Super Deluxe are very biased and if the show does lean with their agenda then your future videos will either 1) receive little to no views and/or 2) get a lot of thumbs down and comments corresponding to those thumbs down. I’ve seen it happen to many YouTubers and YouTube videos, just wanna give a small heads up.

  • Starry Anime
    Starry Anime  28 minutes ago

    Is the bird a duck or a penguin? I all ways wondered that.

  • MrNothini
    MrNothini  an hour ago

    Almost looks like theyre doing a real deal show

  • Kooki Chan ._.
    Kooki Chan ._.  2 hours ago

    *_Its been 2 months_*

  • Chemi Y Classy
    Chemi Y Classy  3 hours ago

    Plz return DHMIS 😭😭👏

  • Felix Lauren Antonio

    CONACO? :0

  • Pundertale Fan
    Pundertale Fan  4 hours ago

    I thought they escaped!

  • Dylan Ryan
    Dylan Ryan  5 hours ago

    2 months counting

  • Generic Phangirl
    Generic Phangirl  6 hours ago

    I’m scarred for life and it’s just the trailer

  • jeimy apasa
    jeimy apasa  9 hours ago +1

    2 months

  • Diego Torres Oropeza

    Hyyyyyyyypeeeeeeee!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • よEvil
    よEvil  9 hours ago

    Release it faster

  • StopMotion Unicorn
    StopMotion Unicorn  10 hours ago

    doo doo do do doo doo doo do *DOODODODO*

  • Sceney Weenie
    Sceney Weenie  11 hours ago


  • Aceter124
    Aceter124  18 hours ago

    Rip Stan Lee

  • rezco tn
    rezco tn  yesterday


  • Some kid
    Some kid  yesterday

    Play the video from slowest to fastest it’s fuckin crazy

  • Daniel Flanard
    Daniel Flanard  yesterday

    Makes a series critiquing the harmful effects of the media and the controlling aspects of large corporations, then sells out to continue a series that has been completed and told the message they wanted to tell.

    • Daniel Flanard
      Daniel Flanard  12 hours ago

      I did some more digging last night and looked up some of the other theories. I now feel different about it all. Everyone should stop bashing them because of one opinion, I see the fault in my reasoning now.

    • Grapeyy
      Grapeyy  15 hours ago

      Well, want me to tell you something? Matpat's theories are just theories and not even fucking confirmed by the creators yet.

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