6 Hardest Easter Eggs of 2019 That Seemed IMPOSSIBLE

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 11, 2019
  • The best Easter eggs and secrets in games take hard work. These here are shining examples of the over-the-top ways players will find and accomplish things in video games.
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  • Zachery Springle
    Zachery Springle  20 hours ago

    I think the the person who got to power level 999 and defeated shattered thrown should have done the raid and won there might be a different ending

  • IDF13
    IDF13  yesterday

    I've become intrigued. There's ~6 comments from various users wondering what 3:57 is, and nobody knows. I hate not knowing things, and I can't find it anywhere. What in the world is it?

  • JonBoy
    JonBoy  yesterday

    The owl easter egg is Illuminati all day long

  • dnceinmybloop
    dnceinmybloop  3 days ago

    The first one is in reference to the bohemian grove, two people have journaled investigations into it.

  • dan ol'branch
    dan ol'branch  4 days ago

    bohiemian grove has a large owl they worship

  • Daniel Watson
    Daniel Watson  5 days ago

    The trails Easter egg has something to do with 2001 a space odyssey for sure.

  • Daniel Watson
    Daniel Watson  5 days ago

    So the owls have no reference to Bohemian Grove? Like none? Are you sure?

  • Mr. Truther
    Mr. Truther  5 days ago

    google bohemian grove

  • Rene Gonzalez
    Rene Gonzalez  5 days ago

    Okay Ed Helms 🙄

  • Insomniac7290
    Insomniac7290  6 days ago

    Mysterious mysteries

  • Zane Scoot
    Zane Scoot  7 days ago

    Legend has it that there is STILL a big Easter egg in destiny one in the tram tunnels and stuff that no one had solved yet....

  • Lock
    Lock  7 days ago

    Ive done the gta last easter egg with the flying tank and it took me 5 months to finish from beginning to end

  • Red Rabbit
    Red Rabbit  7 days ago

    So the first equation in the Trials one is Drake's Equation, a hypothetical and unsolvable (with what we know right now) equation used to calculate the likelihood that we will ever make contact with an intelligent alien lifeform

    The second is a time but with no reference - 8 hours, 2 minutes, 31 seconds.

  • Chork MaLork
    Chork MaLork  7 days ago

    The first one, Ubisoft has always been into occult worship. Would be cool if it was for a future game too, but it's the owl representation of MOLOCH

  • Gorsky55
    Gorsky55  7 days ago

    The owl could be like assassins creed with owls not eagles

  • eine m0rd
    eine m0rd  7 days ago

    The code glitching in the trials game is the drake equation just throwing that out there 😉

  • Firetracks
    Firetracks  14 days ago

    They worship moloch bro

  • Jack Butler
    Jack Butler  14 days ago

    The first one reminds me of Moloch and Bohemian Grove , the giant owl statue is eerily similar

  • dan shaw
    dan shaw  14 days ago

    Is. Leave. Possible?

  • Tessai
    Tessai  14 days ago

    The Zero Hour mission was wayyyyy more deserving to top this list than the 999 shattered throne, truth to power(the lore book where this was written) is a giant collection of lies so it was obvious fuck all would happen.