Unbelievable Car Crash Compilation - Horrible Driving Fails Of 2019 (Part 16)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 7, 2019
  • INSANE Car Crash Compilation 2019USA, CANADA, UKClips in the video (in order)1. https://clk.ink/S5ES0 - Ontario car accident2. https://clk.ink/UqWNle - Car accident 20193. https://clk.ink/nXUUS - Accident jane and east, Toronto4. https://clk.ink/i8Rchc - Dashcam Embankment Crash5. https://clk.ink/EnNq - I 526W Accident, 0621 5-3-196. https://clk.ink/6OUAXQv - Semi hits truck7. https://clk.ink/cKpRMWgJ - rollover8. https://clk.ink/Y4kzF - Subaru Outback vs VW Passat Car Wreck9. https://clk.ink/9i24 - McCorkell Car Accident 3/21/1910. 2019.04.26 Hit and Run in San Jose CA11. https://clk.ink/MCCxoeN - accident 2019 04 20 online12. https://clk.ink/9q78Fmyu - Dallas, TX auto collision13. https://clk.ink/TlUP - Dash cam footage accident14. https://clk.ink/ZbhLo6 - Head on collision15. https://clk.ink/J77yLYY - Intoxicated driver causes major accident16. https://clk.ink/7DCiqv - Tesla Accident17. https://clk.ink/ZArdwM9 - Telsa Model X Autopilot crash18. https://clk.ink/QGYfjO0 - That's a red19. https://clk.ink/ZOEvQLT - Tulsa dash cam crash20. https://clk.ink/HwA6IJ - truck changes lane without looking21. https://clk.ink/ATpRY - 350z Dashcam crash22. https://clk.ink/2mwmqKk - 2019 0430 1545 accident 050A Trim23. https://clk.ink/A2ZuRt7k - 12218704H REAR DASHCAM24. https://clk.ink/1JoXv - car accident 4/23/2019 25. https://clk.ink/7twqsr - Car collision26. https://clk.ink/C8UjLvlp - Car collision in ponamo beach27. https://clk.ink/h3AcTINU - Fender Bender28. https://clk.ink/FI2f - Wreak at Wesley chapel rd.29. lit up#CarCrash #CarCrashes #CarCrashCompilation


  • JrBabixz  27 days ago

    *Red truck crashes*Ambulance: *_Allow me to introduce Myself_*

  • MrFoggyG  11 hours ago

    My name is HOV

  • Leo G  13 hours ago

    hahahah so true

  • Chris Jenkins  yesterday

    Rumour has it they are still waiting for the Illinois State police to arrive at the crash scene.

  • Adam Collins  9 hours ago

    But did they call the Illinois State Police? We’ll never know.

  • Susan Dyer  13 hours ago


  • 2:22 perfect timing the ambulance was like "awwe shit here we go again "

  • Rip Mc  yesterday

    Everytime they are stopped and nothings happening."Aw f*ck they're getting rear ended"

  • Michael Free  21 hours ago

    I've learned to watch for lights growing on things beside those cars. Of course, doesn't work here because it was a car or two back....

  • Im Paradise  2 days ago

    this video triggered tf outta me 😂 who hits somebody and just leaves

  • Alicia A.  an hour ago

    That’s why it’s called “hit and run”😂

  • SloshyVEVO  an hour ago

    Fr I would have got out of the car and beat that dudes ass.

  • playhouserage  28 days ago

    2:20 Ambulance world record for fastest response time to location....SPAWN AMBULANCE

  • Flipped Duck  15 hours ago

    playhouserage if you ever see a crash. No matter what happened. Always check on the victims. You never know if they have health problems or whatnot. If you’re just a car passing by, just stop and ask them if they are okay and if they need help or not.

  • Nate Butler  19 hours ago

    Minecraft theory

  • awe Ruby  yesterday

    truck crashes ambulance: turns on blue lights ah shit here we go again

  • 2019 is half over(driving fails PART SIXTEEN)

  • probably brendon  2 days ago

    nobody : Land Rover : I’m about to end this mans whole career

  • dab atrons  an hour ago

    @Ciel Phantomhive u know the diffrence between land rover and range rover right?

  • Ciel Phantomhive  12 hours ago

    I hate Range Rover drivers they're rich entitled assholes

  • Ugh! Impossible!  2 days ago

    It’s always interesting listening to people’s taste in music in these compilations

  • Spongus  9 hours ago

    Yep, or just the radio playing random songs...you never know