Nintendo Switch DIY Gone Wrong (because I'm an idiot)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 5, 2019
  • I wanted to DIY Atomic Purple Joy Cons for my Nintendo Switch, as well as a Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee Pro Controller. How I am an idiot and it didn't go as planned, at all. Here is me failing. Subscribe for my embarrassment. Atomic Purple JoyCon Shells -
    Let's Go Pro Controller -
    Screwdriver Set -

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  • BeatEmUps
    BeatEmUps  11 months ago +503

    Soo, the Joy Cons took me about 2 HOURS to change, cost me 1 finger and took at least 1 man card away from me... but hopefully it made for a good video! SUBSCRIBE Giveaways below!

    What I used in this video (Use at the risk of your own fingers):
    Atomic Purple JoyCon Shells -
    Let's Go Pro Controller -
    Screwdriver Set -

  • MoonJG
    MoonJG  19 hours ago

    Os this a parody? :0 he just used sissors to snip a cable? Edit: jeah it is i guess

  • Reuben T
    Reuben T  3 days ago

    you probably would have been better off with screwdrivers instead of a drill

  • Cyber
    Cyber  6 days ago +1

    How do you take this apart?
    takes out the scissors
    Oh he’s just kidding he won’t cut a ribbon cable :)
    Gets it closer to the cable
    Wait he’s joking right?
    Joycon has left the chatroom

  • shadow fb7
    shadow fb7  7 days ago

    I did it in 5 min
    Its fine i did not die

  • Page Mckinney
    Page Mckinney  7 days ago

    I recently successfully replaced the joystick on my left joycon, and I about died when he cut the wire to get the battery pack off

  • Aidan Taylor-Smith

    2 holes in the joycon


  • C N
    C N  14 days ago

    I remember replacing my Wii case with a custom colored one and I swear to god, it took me something like 3-4 hours to complete because there was something like 80 super tiny screws just hidden everywhere and some of them were super soft so I stripped some of them. Once I was all done, I had something like 15 screws of varying sizes left over and the case still felt like it was on too tight or something. The best part was that I barely played my Wii at all and ended up selling it some months later.

  • Dr R Eaper
    Dr R Eaper  14 days ago

    Watching this video 10 months late, while changing my own joy cons. Wondering why you would even need the drill.

    Wood: So the tri-wing screws.....
    Me: Oh, never mind then.

  • Amac Akar
    Amac Akar  14 days ago

    New year.. new finger.. literally 😂

  • Sarah Donnelly
    Sarah Donnelly  21 days ago

    Lmao you bought a case of a pro controller I have😂😂😂 pikachu and pichu, but mine has pink and green like the Splatoon controller. You basically bought my controller but for much cheaper lol

  • All For One
    All For One  21 days ago

    I like to fix things and take things apart for fun and build stuff outside dont ask why but I do and this video is hilarious... Beatemups your great no joke your my favorite youtuber

  • Chris Leathco
    Chris Leathco  a months ago

    The drill made me cringe hard, I just always use a regular screwdriver for this stuff. Love your vids though. I'm still tempted to get a see thru blue case for my OG Switch and gray joycons.

  • cakone micke
    cakone micke  a months ago

    you are sooo dumb . You can´t unscrew a fckng Screw. "Securuty measure" ahaahah

  • Leslie Marquez
    Leslie Marquez  a months ago

    What can I say blood Sweat and tears

  • Dam Munter
    Dam Munter  a months ago


  • Sarah Kiara
    Sarah Kiara  a months ago

    New hole in your hand? Sure keep trying to play it off like you're not jesus=0

  • Jim Hultqvist
    Jim Hultqvist  a months ago

    This video is really funny cause its almost exactly the same things that happened to me while changing joy con scins. I did not hurt myself doing it, but I did spend a lot of money buying new joy cons cause of all those wrecked ribbon cables and screwheads. I really like my left joy con with custom D-pad, cause I got it perfect in 1st try. I do regret however trying with the right joy con and ruining three perfectly good joy cons...

  • Chace Marsee
    Chace Marsee  a months ago

    Funny thing is that he is using youtube to find out how to take his stuff apart when he is already posting video on youtube, lol strange

  • Truman Tan 喆鸿
    Truman Tan 喆鸿  a months ago

    Use a screw driver? The switch definitely doesn’t require power tools for a shell exchange