DmC: Devil May Cry - What Happened? (ft. Derek from SSFF)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 14, 2019
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  • GFM
    GFM  13 hours ago

    Dee em cee to es de bes gaem

  • Gyarretto7
    Gyarretto7  19 hours ago

    as much as DmC: Devil May Cry was atrocious in termes of writing (Although, it was pretty funny, for all the wrong reasons), in terms of gameplay, it was great, and I never got the common complaint of "It's not difficult or complex as the earlier games." Because frankly.....

    Too many times, whenever there's a franchise that banks on its high difficulty, it ends up burning out at some point, because it keeps identifying as difficult, and eventually resorts to poor game design to maintain the reputation of being hard. While being challenging is always a good thing, I don't think that any franchise should ever, EVER have "being really, super hard" as their most identifying trait. It will always just hurt the franchise in the end, and if you don't believe me, just take a look at Ninja Gaiden.

  • Dokka Chapman
    Dokka Chapman  23 hours ago

    Weird how you mention Korn in the Silent Hill video but not Combichrist in this one ;)

  • UnreasonableOpinions

    It’s weird to see one of these about DmC, when it’s actually a solid game with good gameplay and acceptable writing. The only real problem is that it... just wasn’t DMC.

    But that’s the most interesting part. It’s the one really noticeable flaw, but it’s such a hugely distinct and sharp flaw that it singlehandedly brings down the game.

    I genuinely believe that if you had called DmC basically Demon Might Tears or something, just completely pulled the entire IP veneer off and made it a new IP, it would have held up pretty well. Maybe sold worse, but then it would have cost less to get NT to do it since you could let them keep the IP for a cost cut. It wouldn’t have even been that hard, because the WHOLE POINT of how DmC didn’t work was because the characters and themes didn’t have anything to do with the characters and themes of previous.

    It would have been so easy to do it the right way, and then everyone would have been fine, people who want more DMC would just wait a bit and get their great game a few years later and maybe whatever NT can do with the building blocks can work out on its own merits.

  • Stupid Google
    Stupid Google  yesterday


  • Hooktail Jr
    Hooktail Jr  2 days ago

    The reboot Dante form DMC was terrible especially when he was in Playstation all star. I guess this is why a lot of people wanted the original Dante in Smash Ultimate for a long time.

  • The V-Log
    The V-Log  2 days ago

    I honestly liked DmC.

  • the pun
    the pun  2 days ago

    japan making american games is like america making japanese games, i dont think either one has worked

  • Baltej Singh
    Baltej Singh  2 days ago

    if you simply look past dante's design and play the game youll realize its actually really fun

  • Samsara
    Samsara  7 days ago

    The dmc reboot wasn't a good idea but the developers didn't deserve death threats.

  • hero of thyme
    hero of thyme  7 days ago +1

    14:10 But he was deeper than that. He was the son of Sparda. The whole thing with his mom and Trish? It worked really well. I think the first DMC struck a really good balance of simple but solid story-telling and great gameplay. He was never a "goofy asshole" you guys just chose to perceive him that way cause you don't understand the concept of one-liners. In 3 he's a little more cocky and loud-mouthed cause he's younger but it's sad to see the entire fanbase jump on the bandwagon of "he's goofy ahahah". Zoomers smh .

  • Kid Impala
    Kid Impala  7 days ago

    So long story short, it lacked originality. Me personally? I Enjoyed the game. I've played the previous ones and just considered this one it's separate lore to the series. As long as it doesn't cater to some "woke" narrative like majority of things are starting to do, it's not too buggy, and it has acceptable graphics and performance? I'm completely fine with reboots. Just my opinion.

  • 7892 0357
    7892 0357  7 days ago

    Yo Matt, can you do Rival Schools? That series was dealt a cruel hand.

  • theheartlessnoob
    theheartlessnoob  7 days ago +1

    Most Western games are hand holding, QTE ridden, thoughtless, "story"-driven games that basically play themselves. The Japanese could not get that stupid if they tried.

  • MakoWarriorPR
    MakoWarriorPR  7 days ago

    Also Itsuno also said he almost quit Capcom when they handed them DMC. He literally stated this right after DMCV completely wiped the floor and the shitstain the reboot was.

  • MakoWarriorPR
    MakoWarriorPR  7 days ago +1

    DMC is pretty deep just requires some reading. Dante is actually a character with crippling depression.

  • Raphael Williams
    Raphael Williams  14 days ago

    Okay this games troubled development aside, it did accomplish its goal of getting new fans to the series.

    It got me and my best friend in.

  • Bellickeys
    Bellickeys  14 days ago

    Devil May Cry & God of War are hack & slash games, NOT CHARACTER ACTION GAMES

  • SolidSpiderZnake
    SolidSpiderZnake  14 days ago

    to give credit to Ninja Theory Heavenly Sword was good enough for early PS3 games where developers struggled with console and the facial capture was awesome at that time. They even had Andy Serkis give an awesome performance for the game!

  • Marko Zec
    Marko Zec  14 days ago +1

    Am I only person who liked this version of DMC and really enjoy it.