All Big Hits & Scrums From Physical Game 2 Between Maple Leafs And Bruins

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • The Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs played a physical Game 2 with a lot of big hits and scrums.


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  • Wyatt Mcintyre
    Wyatt Mcintyre  5 hours ago

    kadri got owned this series

  • drew4utube
    drew4utube  yesterday

    Forgot what a brutal (and awesome) series that was!!!! HATE Kadri....what dirty f..K. Soooo wanted Chara to pound him into the ice!

  • Mike Flaherty
    Mike Flaherty  yesterday

    Tom Wilson is still in the box for this video.

  • Joseph McAuliffe
    Joseph McAuliffe  2 days ago


    Dear Charlie McAvoy,
    You’re from Long Beach so I already like you. You just punched TavarASS in the face.
    Now I love you

    Every Islanders Fan

  • George Benevides
    George Benevides  3 days ago

    The refs should have had control of this game. The un called hits just took its toll til it got ugly. A crappy game that should be reviewed by NHL officiating.

  • Scatter TheWinds
    Scatter TheWinds  4 days ago

    The hip on knee on kadri was probably the one that should've been the suspension.

  • Logan N6
    Logan N6  4 days ago

    Brilliant reffing

  • Farhaan Javed
    Farhaan Javed  5 days ago +1

    Can someone please kill Debrusk? That way I don't have to see his annoying face.

  • Lachlan Purves
    Lachlan Purves  7 days ago +2

    Boston needs to chill they’re playing waaaay to dirty

  • Sirius
    Sirius  7 days ago


  • Vili Lepistö
    Vili Lepistö  7 days ago

    This is ice hockey❤️

  • Matt Gauthier
    Matt Gauthier  7 days ago

    HIP on knee

  • Noah Wein
    Noah Wein  7 days ago

    This is true hockey

    MALA МУТ  7 days ago

    Классный матч!💪

  • ebw 14
    ebw 14  7 days ago

    ** nazem kadri

  • Ethan Clement
    Ethan Clement  7 days ago

    This is next level of bruin vs leaf rivalry
    Bigger then bruins and canadiens

  • gamerbeast318 gamerbeast318

    Hate the bruins happy they lost the Stanley cup lol they trash hahaahhahahahahaha

  • Aa I
    Aa I  7 days ago +2

    It's more then a little suspicious how many times over multiple playoffs that the referees call the type of game that greatly benefits the Bruins over the opponent.

  • TheVancejordan22
    TheVancejordan22  14 days ago +1

    they should had let chara eat that dude for lunch

  • Jason Nanooch
    Jason Nanooch  14 days ago