It's Time To Be Honest

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 27, 2017
  • It was time to be honest.Let's talk -


  • Ella D'Amico  5 months ago

    I love ulike if u love grayson and ethan!!

  • Relatable Hoe  2 days ago

    Giana DIY bruh...

  • Giana DIY  29 days ago

    Esther Birch it’s annoying for us.. I SEE THESE EVERYWHERE WHY DO U NEED LIKES ON A COMMENT.. ur so stupid bro

  • Ammara Waqas  4 months ago

    The 2.5K that disliked this video should go crawl deep in a hole and never come back out

  • Ilovehorses 22107  13 hours ago

    Ammara Waqas frfr

  • Anayah Saintil  4 days ago

    So sad...😥😥

  • BIG BEAUTY MONY  6 months ago

    Always check on your goofy friends ☹️💜💜 they may need you the most

  • Iro Stylianou  20 hours ago

    So true 😔

  • Morgan Ford  4 days ago

    @Ellie Akintade Me too, no one knew until I was put into hospital and everyone started asking questions

  • Rosina Ficocelli  6 months ago

    Times when Grayson and Ethan have let us down-NEVER ♥️

  • Jenny Lanny  14 days ago

    Essence Thomas agree

  • Essence Thomas  1 months ago

    2019....and its still a never!!...perioT!

  • aarna  1 years ago

    "It's gonna be okay in the end. And if it's not okay, then it's not the end."

  • aarna  4 hours ago

    Mina yeah i just found out!! thank you tho :)

  • Mina  2 days ago

    @Mackenzie Freeman Actually John Lennon said it.

  • Tilly Obrien  6 months ago

    I’m watching this right after Sean passed and I can’t stop thinking that what if the twins put this much pressure on themselves again and they damage or injure themselves. I hope that they take as long as they need for there mental health and not force themselves to make a video that they don’t want to make. The twins are a huge deal in some people’s life’s, like people going through a hard time and needs someone to cheer them up, the twins have there back even though they don’t know us, we know a lot ...

  • Billie Eyelash  1 months ago

    Don't do that you made me cry! This made me cry. In my daily life I cry because I realize I'll never meet the dolan twins. In my daily life I cry because I know that they deserve the world. In my daily life I cry because they are so pure and innocent and they have been through so much. It's not fair for them 😥

  • Faiza Tabassum  2 months ago

    In which video did they tell about thier dad's loss??

  • Self harm doesn't have to be physical.

  • Jaylee Haskell  9 days ago

    Thankyou for this😌

  • • Irrelevant •  6 months ago

    I know it’s 2019 but I still have something to say even if no one sees...You guys are absolutely amazing. It’s so hard to find people as honest and kind as you guys. Don’t worry about making two vids a week! Don’t worry about us! I’d rather see you two be happy than watch videos where you guys are denying your feelings. I’m so happy that u guys are better now, and I really hope that your happiness never goes away. Thank you so much for making this vid because I also have horrible anxiety that I didn’...

  • Amit Vaknin  2 months ago

    Exactly how I feel❤️

  • ThE tEa Is ShOoK  1 months ago

    Is Anyone here in 2019?Just me? Ok😂

  • Kristen Haynes  3 days ago

    Nahh July 19 fam

  • Paige Roten  3 days ago


  • Fanny 813  1 years ago

    Ethan hurt himself physically to not hurt anyone😔😔😔

  • Essence Thomas  13 days ago

    This cut me deep when i read this