Is Trevor Getting Deported? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • The Trump administration takes its anti-immigration stance to the next level by proposing a policy that would target legal immigrants who have used public assistance programs.

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  • Pogg
    Pogg  12 minutes ago

    Going by what Donald Trump is saying himself and his family would be in dire trouble if he did manage to change the 14th Amendment. Donald Trump's mother was a born and raised Scot (Scotland) and an economic migrant when Donald was born, Trump's kids with his wives Ivana (born in Czechoslovakia) and Melania (born in Slovenia) would be thrown out too (So bye bye Donald Snr., Donald Jr., Ivana, Eric, and Barron). Realistically the only Trump that would be allowed to stay would be the kid of his he never speaks about, Tiffany Trump.

  • Tinotenda Tafara Masiya

    ...woow trump is rlly taking this far...

  • The Stationery Draw

    always pronouncied z-e-b-r-a

  • A W
    A W  7 days ago

    I lived in Africa and the Middle East where lots of rich couples would go to America to have their baby so it could have American citizenship. I don't blame them but I don't think the amendment was meant to work like that. I agree it should protect the rights of immigrants.

  • m i a
    m i a  9 days ago

    His Devil impression sounds alot like his donald trump voice

  • Ramesh Patil
    Ramesh Patil  10 days ago

    Meanwhile the Indians will chant "Madat karo Santoshi Mata!"

  • Oloff Horn
    Oloff Horn  11 days ago

    why is the daily show now a political show....

  • Lizzie Tidey
    Lizzie Tidey  14 days ago

    *Doing an impression of the devil *does an impression of Donald trump
    I see what you did there😉

  • 0 000
    0 000  18 days ago

    Do we have the right to come on holiday , for a cruise and than go back to our country?

  • Neeraj kumar
    Neeraj kumar  18 days ago

    Young burns he sure is.

  • Serena Viserion
    Serena Viserion  19 days ago

    When nature turns its back at u.

  • TYTY
    TYTY  26 days ago


  • Lauraqueen F
    Lauraqueen F  1 months ago

    Trump should go ahead and end 14th amendment, as time goes on there won't be any difference between USA and north Korea. In fact I have more respect for Kim jong- un than trump.

  • Neels Boonzaaier
    Neels Boonzaaier  1 months ago

    We honestly do hope you get deported to come and face your own reality!

  • Trams Am
    Trams Am  1 months ago

    Deport him.

  • Mayor Makuei
    Mayor Makuei  1 months ago

    And if they pay taxes!

  • Gtrgrly
    Gtrgrly  1 months ago

    Trevor Noah is an evil racist

  • George Sosinsky
    George Sosinsky  1 months ago

    You want to talk about amendments why is the 13 amendment still allowing prisoners to be slaves?

  • scott peters
    scott peters  1 months ago

    Z..You can't change it because it fits your little song to rhyme with G, and P...bed , dead, zed..come on people!

  • Royal Satan
    Royal Satan  1 months ago

    What about bad natives? (sorry they are really not natives!) Like getting rid of Florida to a remote island?