Stephen Curry Makes LeBron And The Cavs Want To Cry!(Best Shooter Ever)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
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  • Brandon Johnson  1 years ago

    Curry can literally be doing anything and he’ll make a 3 pointer. Riding a bike, taking out the trash, watching his own basketball highlights, sleep walking. He’s ridiculous.

  • Stacey Dash  1 years ago

    Brandon Johnson Best Comment🏀🏀🏀🏀🔥

  • ArseneWenger  1 years ago

    Brandon Johnson tru

  • Ravi s  1 years ago

    This is what happens when you bring a shotgun in a sniper match.

  • Jett Williams  1 years ago

    NY PORSCHE LIFE you mean when the biggest pussy in the Nba joins an already stacked GSW team?

  • Curry Eliminated Lebron with a Sniper(874m)Lebron has left the match.

  • Junan Zhao  1 years ago

    The greatest shooter ever. No doubt

  • Robert Nunez  1 years ago

    Junan Zhao Agree!!! I've seen Bird actually my second favorite behind Cooper,but Curry is better even then Jordan,it's not bout Jordan and James it's all about "Curry"folks don't miss greatness he's the best ,going for his third "SHIP"

  • V 1991  1 years ago

    Andrea Davidsion YES he is better than Bird and STFU

  • John Red  1 years ago

    Those shots were DEMORALIZING!!!

  • King Leeq  1 years ago

    John Red man I wish KD did those type of shots but he definitely still shoots amazing sometimes

  • King Leeq  1 years ago

    According to the calculations damn you jealous for real for real huh hahahahhahahaha wow what a cavs fan no.... a lebaby fanboy smh stop hating man Curry is the God of shooting

  • A smelly Taco  1 years ago

    Did anyone expect anyone else? The warriors are better than celtics. Lebron barely managed to beat the celtics

  • trevon j  6 months ago

    Y'all on slow kyrie was out idiots

  • justsaiyan  1 years ago

    A smelly Taco THATS WHAT I SAID

  • Mr. Burke  1 years ago

    Call the bomb squad, curry was cooking. I feel for LeBron though, that's exhausting. This is why people can't say having the help isn't important. No one wins a championship by themselves.

  • Mr. Burke  1 years ago

    againstthe grain Dirk had great role players. They swept my Lakers just came off out championship run

  • Mr. Burke  1 years ago

    Nathanael Appel idk, cuz they lost last year too with Kyrie so..

  • Dimond Park  1 years ago

    not a lebron fan(at all) but he dont owe the cavs anything after the season ends...he about to be out with the quickness

  • Tay  1 years ago

    Dimond Park you are completely right bro. I'm not a Lebron fan either but he carried this team this season.

  • jackov  1 years ago

    you're a lebron fan

  • foodoverlord  1 years ago

    Curry better win the finals MVP if warriors win

  • ValidCook  1 years ago

    Naw hell choke it just like every year

  • Lockon Stratos  1 years ago

    No Zaza

  • Mr. Burke  1 years ago

    Furthermore, KD didn't shoot 8 for 22 and GSW didn't get outrebounded tonight. I told dudes if LeBron scored less than 50 they would get blow out lol 😂

  • Isaiah DaGreat  1 years ago

    Eazy Mac same

  • No Chill  1 years ago

    Reggie Hermosisima bro are you dumb? Remember when draymond got suspended? Yea the refs did that. We have draymond we win that series. Stop bitching. Lebron can’t do shit but sit on the bench and cry. And I want lebron to go to Houston so we can shit on them as well, and you guys can’t say anything.

  • wayne 631  1 years ago

    Yo these titles be havin me weak 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I Plead The Fifth  1 years ago

    YouTube Inspector that's fucked up 😂🤣😂🤣✌